Project Raymond

Raymond Herveille is a dutch drummer and massive Toto, especially Jeffrey Porcaro fan. We did an interview a few years back when he did sessions for Christian Tolle and played with Steve Lukather on a few tracks. He recently took a trip to Los Angeles and had a meeting with David Garfield (Karizma, Los Lobotomys). He agreed to record with Raymond and that project is about to start.

On Facebook you can follow the process the recording, but the none-Dutch and Facebook members, we will post it here as well.

December 28th, 2023

At the beginning of December we started our collaboration for, among others, David Garfield. After 5 minutes we both knew that we had a musical match and so, in addition to the above-mentioned project, I was able to record a drum part for one of my new music friends “Guido Bungenstock.”
What a fantastic guitarist and also a great personality.
The song is a cover of Jeff Beck (Two Rivers)
Thanx Guido for this collaboration.

December 20th, 2023

Last night it was the vocalists’ turn for the project of my American music friend David Garfield!!! May I introduce you to Belinda Kinnaer and Roger Damoiseaux. What voices together…. Both Roger and I worked with Belinda on her theater shows in 2019 and 2020… In the link below her live version of ‘Help me make it through the night. Roger Damoiseaux is my bandmate with Anderkovver and has so much experience that he took on this singing job effortlessly. Roger is currently only involved in this project as a studio vocalist. Anyway thanks to both. I’m repeating myself, but I would like to thank Dirk Brouns again for the world sound that he conjured up again. I still have 1 name left on the saxophone….and not the least name as we say… This ‘name’ will be working on his sax parts from tomorrow and I will of course welcome him in a next post.

December 16th, 2023

Over the past 2 weeks I have done recording sessions with which I can look back on a great result together with my new musical friends and where we even welcomed a true celebrity on the first recording day. Thanks Erwin Musper!! In collaboration with Darin Scheff, among others, a music trip to Nashville is planned in February… What new contacts can bring.

December 12th, 2023

Started today on a fantastic song by Jeff Beck (Two Rivers) This song was played by my new music friend/guitarist Guido Bungenstock…pffff what a great guy!!! (mein gott) Thanx Guido Bungenstock Watch this fantastic guitar player: I’ll be busy for the next few hours. Until then, I’ll share a video I recorded earlier. I was asked to present some drum fills in a slow and fast(er) tempo. I saw the Gospel Chops on YouTube and would like to share them upon request. Have fun and once again my thanks to Paul Heijmann for his input. Thanx Paul.
For more videos see:

December 4th, 2023

After a fantastic weekend in which we were allowed to do the first recording session for David Garfield, the next session is now planned.
Once again my thanks to the musicians, some of whom I even played with for the first time.
A very nice sensation to experience that music indeed has a universal bond.
Many thanx to: Guido Bungenstock, Roman Korolik, Martin Verdonk Dirk Brouns, Paul Heijmann (video) and Stanley Dijkhuis (bookings) for their contribution.
Working in the coming days for the next recording session and again with my Fave Engineer Dirk Brouns. With him I only have to play well because the rest of the sound is always right.
The songs we are going to record are for Christian Tolle, among others.
I already worked with him in 2016 for his album ‘Now and Then’
This classy German guitarist has been active in the Rock scene for years.
Morris Adriaens is the name I regularly mention and will continue to mention, as this first class musician has now surprised me again with a top arrangement.
Maurice, also known as Morris, is so talented that he takes care of guitar, bass and keyboard parts where necessary.
Finally, I would like to mention Darin Scheff from Nashville, who I can now also call my music friend.
I will also do my utmost for him this weekend to achieve a good result.
(Thanx Darin for this collaboration)
Once again it will not be due to the sound of the ‘Maasland Studio’, for me the only thing that matters is delivering a good drum take. 🙏🙏
Anyway, exciting and to be continued.

December 10th, 2023

Today recording session for Morris Adriaens,  Christian Tolle, Darin Scheff The “assistants” are already busy.  Once again an awesome sound Dirk Brouns and class arrangements.

December 9th, 2023

Yesterday I brought a visit to Dirk Brouns, listening to the recording sessions from last week. I am very satisfied with the results and next week the vocals for my American music friend David Garfield. Preparing today for next Sunday’s new recording session. As I wrote before, tomorrow the drums recording will be for my music friends: Christian Tolle Morris Adriaens Darin Scheff, with these musicians and Dirk Brouns at the ‘buttons’ everything will be fine again. But….still playing the drums properly.  Thanx guys for this collaboration.

December 2st, 2023

Yesterday we played our 1st recording session for my music friend David Garfield… That same Facebook post was picked up by none other than Erwin Musper, he is in the Netherlands for a while!! For those who don’t know him, he worked as an engineer/producer for Van Halen, Metallica, ACDC, among others. The aforementioned Maastricht man and former keyboardist of Partner becomes well known in LA and the surrounding area. Then the question came whether he could come and see Dirk Brouns in the studio… pfff And yes, of course he was welcome to hang out with us. A great honor for us to greet him (thanx Erwin and wife) Of course there was still work to be done and it was a day that would not soon be forgotten, Roman Korolik on bass then it will be an otherworldly sensation for me as a drummer to experience this match between bass guitarist and drummer. We last played together 9 years ago and then after 1 bar the confirmation that we are going to play a very nice “take”… pfff well done Roman Korolik. Then it was the turn of my new guitar hero Guido Bungenstock… A revelation for me, what technique, feel, control, sound and a fantastic guy… thanx Guido for having you with us. And then my favorite Engineer/Producer and friend Dirk Brouns who, as always, conjured up the mega good sound. Soon day 2 and we will have none other than Martin Verdonk in the studio, played with Lionel Richie, Santana, Prince, names that make you nervous…🙏🙏 But today he is here for us… Thanx Martin Verdonk for your contribution. There are still 3 names missing which I want to keep as a surprise. I would now like to express my gratitude to Paul Heijmann for his video contribution…thanx Paul and Stanley Dijkhuis for your support. Anyway, it’s already a wonderful weekend. And for now, get to work quickly

Great recording session today for 🇺🇸&🇳🇱 The one and only…my man Martin Verdonk,  awesome job mate.
And thanx to Guido Bungenstock Roman Korolik Dirk Brouns for the this great session.

Grooving with the cats David Garfield Roman Korolik Raymond Herveille Dirk Brouns Martin Verdonk. Thx to Peavey Germany Peavey Electronics for this unbelievable great amp!

December 1st, 2023

Today and tomorrow are the days I have been looking forward to for weeks. The 1st recording session for my American music friend David Garfield!! 🙏 All preparations made. The musicians are ready to contribute their part. I will present these names soon. 😉 Drums sound check done with the Adams 5000 series and if the Producer/Engineer is also a drummer himself, you know the sound will be good. Thanx Dirk Brouns for your craftsmanship and Tom Pijnenburg Adams Drumworld for the materials.