1995 Chynna Phillips – Naked And Sacred

Naked And Sacred is Chynna Phillips‘ debut (and only) solo album, released on November 7, 1995. She was the only member of the pop group Wilson Phillips to remain on her label, EMI, after the group broke up in late 1992. The album didn’t see strong sales, selling 22,000 copies in the United States according to Billboard.com, but received good reviews. Chynna co-wrote 9 of the album’s 11 songs, which featured productions from Rick Nowels, Glen Ballard (who produced the majority of Wilson Phillips’ previous work), and Desmond Child.


Naked And Sacred (Chynna Phillips; Billy Steinberg; Rick Nowels) 04:13
2  When 2000 Comes (Chynna Phillips; Peter Lord Moreland) 04:44
3  Remember Me (Chynna Phillips; Rick Nowels) 04:54
4  I Live For You (Chynna Phillips; Desmond Child) 03:47
5  This Close (Chynna Phillips; Desmond Child) 04:26
6  Till The End (Chynna Phillips; Patrick Leonard) 04:13
7  Turn Around (Stacey Piersa; Elliot Wolff) 04:08
8  Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me (Diane Warren) 04:33
9  Follow Love Down (Chynna Phillips; Glen Ballard) 03:42
10  Jewel In My Crown (Chynna Phillips; Desmond Child) 04:05
11  Will You (Chynna Phillips) 03:23


1 Naked And Sacred

BassJohn Pierce
Drums (programming)Claude Gaudette
GuitarMike Landau
GuitarRusty Anderson
Acoustic GuitarRick Nowels
BouzoukiRusty Anderson
KeyboardsClaude Gaudette
KeyboardsRick Nowels
VocalsChynna Phillips

2 When 2000 Comes

BassT-Bone Wolk
Drums (programming)Peter Lord
Drums (programming)Vernon Jeffrey Smith
KeyboardsPeter Lord
KeyboardsVernon Jeffrey Smith
VocalsChynna Phillips

3 Remember Me

BassPaul Bushnell
Drums (programming)Charlie Clouser
GuitarJon Ingoldsby
KeyboardsRick Nowels
PercussionLuis Conte
VocalsChynna Phillips

4 I Live For You

DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarDan Warner
KeyboardsLester Mendez
Background VocalsDesmond Child
Background VocalsWendy Pedersen
VocalsChynna Phillips

5 This Close

DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarDan Warner
KeyboardsLester Mendez
Background VocalsMaria Vidal
Background VocalsTami Hert
Background VocalsWendy Pedersen
VocalsChynna Phillips

6 Till The End

BassSpencer Campbell
DrumsBrian MacLeod
GuitarJames Harrah
KeyboardsPatrick Leonard
PercussionBrian MacLeod
PercussionLuis Conte
Background VocalsDee Daniels
Background VocalsNatalie Jackson
Background VocalsSaffron Henderson
Background VocalsSiedah Garrett
VocalsChynna Phillips

7 Turn Around

Background VocalsJoniene Hellerstein
Background VocalsMona Lisa Young
VocalsChynna Phillips

8 Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me

BassJulio Fernandez
DrumsLee Levin
GuitarDan Warner
KeyboardsLester Mendez
Background VocalsMaria Vidal
Background VocalsTami Hert
Background VocalsWendy Pedersen
VocalsChynna Phillips

9 Follow Love Down

GuitarMike Landau
GuitarGlen Ballard
KeyboardsGlen Ballard
ProgrammingGlen Ballard
Background VocalsCarmen Twillie
Background VocalsJulia Tillman Waters
Background VocalsMaxine Willard Waters
Background VocalsWill Wheaton
VocalsChynna Phillips

10 Jewel In My Crown

DrumsBrian MacLeod
GuitarMatt Gruber
GuitarBrian Adler
KeyboardsCJ Vanston
Background VocalsDiana Grasselli
Background VocalsDesmond Child
Background VocalsJean McClain
Background VocalsPatty Holly
VocalsChynna Phillips

11 Will You

KeyboardsPatrick Leonard
VocalsChynna Phillips


Cello – Anne Karam, Earl Madison, Margaret Edmondson, Melissa Hasin, Ray Kelley, Steve Richards (Tracks 5, 8)
Double Bass – Buell Neidlinger, Margaret Storer, Peter Doubrovsky (Tracks 5, 8)
Cello – Larry Corbett, Armen Ksajikian, Daniel Smith, Steve Erdody, Steve Richards (Track 11)
Viola – Jerry Epstein, Margot MacLaine, Marilyn Baker, Rollice Dale (Tracks 5, 8)
Viola – Denyse Buffum, Evan Wilson, Robert Becker, Scott Haupert (Track 11)
Violin – Andrea Byers, Assa Drori, Dennis Molchan, Dixie Blackstone, Elizabeth Baker, Elizabeth Wilson, Eve Sprecher, Irving Geller, Jennifer Woodward, Marc Sazer, Mark Baranov, Michele Richards, Miwako Watanabe, Pip Clarke-Ling (Tracks 5, 8)
Violin – Barbra Porter, Berj Garabedian, Bob Peterson, Bruce Dukov, Charles Everett, John Wittenberg, Joy Lyle, Karen Jones, Maria Newman, Mario DeLeon, Michele Richards, Rachel Robinson, Sheldon Sanov, Tamara Chang (Track 11)

Liner Notes

Producer – Rick Nowels (Tracks 1, 2)
Producer – Billy Steinberg (Track 1)
Producer – Peter Lord, V Jeffrey Smith (Track 2)
Producer – Desmond Child (Tracks 4, 5, 8, 10)
Producer – Patrick Leonard (Tracks 6, 11)
Producer – Elliot Wolff (Track 7)
Producer – Glen Ballard (Track 9)
Arranged By – Lester Mendez (Tracks 4, 5, 8)
Arranged By – Elliot Wolff (Track 7)
Arranged By – CJ Vanston (Track 10)
Arranged By (Strings) – Jeremy Lubbock (Tracks 5, 8)
Conductor – Jeremy Lubbock (Tracks 5, 8)
Contractor – Jules Chaikin (Tracks 5, 8)
Engineer (Assistant) – Glen Marchese, Marc Moreau, Zach Blackstone (Track 6)
Mixed By – Steve MacMillan (Tracks 1, 3)
Mixed By – Ron Banks (Track 2)
Mixed By – Michael Brauer (Track 4)
Mixed By – David Thoener (Tracks 5, 6, 8, 10)
Mixed By – Jon Gass (Track 7)
Mixed By – Francis Buckley (Track 9)
Mixed By – Jerry Jordan (Track 11)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Andrew Page (Track 2)
Engineer (Assistant) – Andy Warwick (Track 9)
Engineer (Assistant) – Casey Stone, Howard Willing (Track 7)
Engineer (Assistant) – Marc Moreau (Track 11)
Engineer (Assistant Mix) – Fred Kelly (Track 7)
Recorded By – Steve MacMillan, Chris Garcia, Peter Lorimer (Track 1)
Recorded By – Ron Banks, V Jeffrey Smith (Track 2)
Recorded By – Mark Gruber (Tracks 4, 5, 8)
Recorded By – Jerry Jordan (Track 6)
Recorded By – Glen Ballard, Chris Vogel (Track 9)
Recorded By – Matthew Gruber (Track 10)
Recorded By – Jerry Jordan (Track 11)
Recorded By (Vocals) – Thom Russo (Track 7)
Recorded By (Additional) – Matthew Gruber (Tracks 4, 5, 8)
Recorded By (Additional) – Chris Carroll (Track 4)
Recorded By (Additional) – David Reitzas (Tracks 5, 8)
Recorded By (Additional) – Joel Van Dyke, David Thoener (Track 6)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Andrew Page (Track 2)

Mastered At Precision Mastering
Mixed At Larrabee Sound Studios
Mixed At Sony Music Studios, NYC
Mixed At A&M Studios
Mixed At Greenhouse Studio Inc, Canada
Mixed At The Hit Factory
Mixed At The Enterprise
Mixed At Chapel Studios, LA
Mixed At Johnny Yuma Recording
Recorded At Ocean Way Recording
Recorded At O’Henry Sound Studios
Recorded At Mandeville Studios, LA
Recorded At Sony Music Studios, NYC
Recorded At Neptune Factor Studios
Recorded At Criteria Recording Studios
Recorded At A&M Studios
Recorded At Johnny Yuma Recording
Recorded At Greenhouse Studio Inc, Canada
Recorded At The Hit Factory
Recorded At Mad Hatter Studios
Recorded At House Of Blues Studios, Encino
Recorded At Chapel Studios, LA
Recorded At EMI Studios, LA
Phonographic Copyright EMI Records
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