Matt Bragg

Matt Bragg is a bass player from Los Angeles. He played on several records on major labels and tons of sessions for lesser-known musical projects.

“As a kid, I’d ride the city bus past Ray Charles, studio, see the tour bus and cars, and think to myself something cool must be happening inside there.” – Matt Bragg

THE FOUNDATION: Picture Los Angeles in 1963. The stately homes in Lafayette Square have birthed a generation of musicians that the community and surrounding clubs will never forget. It’s the normal course of things when there’s no stand-out star, but just close friends and cool people who love what they do. Yet, when the world owes a debt in memory of their excellence, the L.A. Big Daddy’s have come forth to make sure it gets paid – in full.

Local music teachers that cared enough, became the foundation to some of the world’s brightest stars. For Matt Bragg and David E. Jackson, their dreams became possibilities, as they found themselves hanging out in a studio with Quincy Jones, and then somehow unexpectedly in New York City, watching the musical R&B, Funk, Soul, and Blues fusion, super-group STUFF, record tracks for an upcoming project.

It is not enough that Matt and David have both earned the respect from those who once inspired their thinking, but the musical memories from their beloved City of Angels, Wellington Road, have for decades fueled their commitment to musical coolness. Now the perfection of what they do, is proof that timing is indeed everything. Both Matt and David would be the first to say, that the cool of how and what you do, has always been about the delivery of the music, the stylistic approach, the touch and feel, and your understanding of what works and how it needs to be done – that creates a great song.

MAKING MUSIC: Whether it is Jazz, Rock & Roll, Funk, R&B, Blues, or Soul, what lead the childhood friends Matt and David to one day become their musical heroes? They had an early start in the 1970’s working as multi-instrumentalists behind the music of 70’s James Bond film actress Brenda Arnou and Richard Street of The Temptations, and then making music alongside actor Chevy Chase for NBC’s Hit variety series The Midnight Special. They were the first call for American Smooth Jazz saxophonist Ronnie Laws; the 80’s R&B of Loose Ends; and then provided the groove to the blues, for the great ‘Sista Monica’ Parker.

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