1990 Soundtrack – Joe Versus The Volcano

Joe Versus The Volcano is a 1990 American romantic comedy film written and directed by John Patrick Shanley and starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Hanks plays a man who, after being told he is dying of a rare disease, accepts a financial offer to travel to a South Pacific island and throw himself into a volcano on behalf of the superstitious natives. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with the woman taking him there.

The film received mixed reviews overall, but positive reviews from some critics, including Roger Ebert, who described the film as “new and fresh and not shy of taking chances”, and was a minor box office success in the US. It has since become a cult film.

The soundtrack, composed by Georges Delerue, was not released in 1990, the year of the movie’s release. Because of Delerue’s strong following, a sub-label of Varèse Sarabande released a CD in 2002 (limited to 3000 copies), and again in 2016 (with a few extra songs, limited to 2000 copies).


1  Once Upon A Time … (Georges DeLerue) 00:21
2  Brain Cloud (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 03:05
3  You’ll Be Easy To Replace (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 00:38
4  Dinner With DeDe (Georges DeLerue) 02:03
5  Love Theme (Georges DeLerue) 01:11
6  Joe Alone (Georges DeLerue) 00:27
7  Graynamore’s Pitch (Georges DeLerue) 01:57
8  I’ll Do It (Georges DeLerue) 01:19
9  New York (Georges DeLerue) 00:33
10  Shopping Spree (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 02:15
11  Alone In New York (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 01:30
12  To The Hotel (Georges DeLerue) 00:49
13  Understanding Art (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 01:07
14  To The Ship (Georges DeLerue) 02:42
15  History Of The Waponis (Georges DeLerue) 00:39
16  Pat Tells Joe (Georges DeLerue) 02:27
17  Fishing (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 03:26
18  The Storm And The Rescue (Georges DeLerue) 09:12
19  Hava Nagila And When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Georges DeLerue) 01:34
20  I’ve Got To Go (Georges DeLerue) 03:29
21  Explosion And In The Water (Georges DeLerue) 02:04
22  They Sail Away (Georges DeLerue) 01:09
23  End Credits (Georges DeLerue) 06:20
24  Storm Rescue (Alternate) (Georges DeLerue) 09:28
25  Music Box Theme (Unused) (Georges DeLerue) 01:00


DrumsSteve Schaeffer
GuitarJohn Goux
GuitarScott Tennant
SynthesizerRalph Grierson
SynthesizerStu Goldberg
BassoonRon Jannelli
ClarinetDominick Fera
ClarinetEmily Bernstein
ClarinetJim Kanter
FluteLouise Di Tullio
FlutePaul Fried
FluteSheridon Stokes
French HornJoan Elardo
French HornBrad Warnaar
French HornDavid Duke
French HornJeff DeRosa
French HornJerry Folsom
French HornJohn Reynolds
French HornRichard Todd
French HornSteve Becknell
OboeTom Boyd
SaxJoel Peskin
SaxBob Sandman
TromboneCharlie Loper
TromboneDon Waldrop
TromboneWilliam Booth
TrumpetLarry Hall
TrumpetMario Guarneri
TrumpetRick Baptist
TrumpetWarren Luening
TubaJim Self
PercussionEmil Richards
PercussionJoe Porcaro
PercussionKenny Watson
PercussionMike Englander
PercussionTom Raney

Other Musicians

Bass – Arni Egilsson, Bruce Morgenthaler, Chuck Domanico, Dave Stone, Drew Dembowski, Paul Zibits, Steve Edelman
Cello – Antony Cooke, Armen Ksajikian, Barbara Hunter, Daniel Rothmuller, Delores Bing, Dennis Karmazyn, Douglas Davis, Earl Madison, Jerome Kessler, Michael Mathews, Richard Treat, Ronald Cooper, Sebastian Toettcher, Steve Erdody, Steve Richards
Harp – Amy Shulman, Dorothy Remsen, Gayle Levant
Viola – Alan Deveritch, Brian Dembow, Carole Mukogawa, Dan Neufeld, Denyse Buffum, Dmitri Bovaird, Donald McInnes, Harry Shirinian, John Scanlon, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Miriam Mayer, Rick Gerding, Robert Becker, Roland Kato
Violin – Alex Treger, Alexander Horvath, Anatoly Rosinsky, Armen Garabedian, Arnold Belnick, Berj Garabedian, Bill Hybel, Bob Sanov, Camille Guastafeste, Charlie Bisharat, Claudia Parducci, Clayton Haslop, Daniel Shindarov, Daniela Sindoni, Endre Granat, Ezra Kliger, Franklyn D’Antonio, Gwenn Heller, Henry Ferber, Kimiyo Takeya, Mark Baranov, Michael Ferril, Miwako Watanabe, Rachel Robinson, Ralph Morrison, Reginald Hill, Rene Mandel, Robert Lipsett, Robert Schumitzky, Ron Clark, Sheldon Sanov, Sid Page, Tamara Chang

Liner Notes

Producer – Robert Townson
Conductor – Georges Delerue
Edited By – Michael Matessino
Mastered By – Patricia Sullivan
Mixed By – Robert Fernandez
Recorded By – Robert Fernandez

Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Phonographic Copyright Warner Bros Inc
Copyright Warner Bros Inc
Copyright Masters Film Music