1985 Soundtrack – Gotcha!

Gotcha! is a 1985 American action comedy film, starring Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino and directed by Jeff Kanew, who also directed Edwards in Revenge of the Nerds in 1984. Jonathan Moore (Edwards) is a shy UCLA veterinary student and the reigning champion at “Gotcha”, a campus-wide paintball game. While on vacation in Paris, he is seduced by an older woman, the sexy and mysterious Sasha (Fiorentino) who turns out to be an international spy. When he returns home to Los Angeles, there is a strange canister of film in his backpack and a team of KGB agents on his back. Suddenly he is in the middle of a real life-or-death game of “Gotcha”.

In 2020 Intrada Records released a limited edition album of Bill Conti‘s 28 minute long score, two tracks of which were on the 1985 soundtrack album. One cue was re-arranged for the 1985 soundtrack album. None of the pop songs could be licensed for this release


1  Ominosity (Bill Conti) 00:27
2  Jon Gets His Guy (Bill Conti) 01:35
3  Wilkommen Der D.D.R. (Bill Conti) 01:16
4  Sascha’s Secret (Bill Conti) 01:41
5  Love In The D.D.R (Bill Conti) 01:23
6  Sascha, Meet Vlad (Alternate) (Bill Conti) 03:07
7  Leninalle (Bill Conti) 01:35
8  Check Point (Bill Conti) 01:50
9  Up The D.D.R. (Revised) (Bill Conti) 01:10
10  Citadelle De Spandau (Bill Conti) 00:50
11  Jon, Meet Vlad (Bill Conti) 03:36
12  Jon Runs Scared (Bill Conti) 02:01
13  CIA Trash (Bill Conti) 00:56
14  Sascha & The CIA (Bill Conti) 01:04
15  Hither & Yon (Bill Conti) 02:28
16  On The Edge (Bill Conti) 02:57
17  The End (Bill Conti) 00:30
18  Homeboy Drums (Bill Conti) 00:25
19  Sascha, Meet Vlad (Bill Conti) 03:07
20  Sascha, Meet Vlad (Revised) (Bill Conti) 03:07
21  No Visa (Alternate) (Bill Conti) 00:27
22  Up The D.D.R. (Original) (Bill Conti) 00:42
23  Hello, Vlad (Version A) (Bill Conti) 00:11
24  Hello, Vlad (Version B) (Bill Conti) 00:20
25  Hither & Yon (Alternate) (Bill Conti) 02:31
26  On The Edge (Alternate) (Bill Conti) 02:33
27  Check Point (Album Version) (Bill Conti) 03:00
28  On The Edge (Album Version) (Bill Conti) 02:40
29  La Marseillaise (Long) (Rouget De Lisle) 01:00
30  La Marseillaise (Short) (Rouget De Lisle) 00:27
31  Deutschland Uber Alle (Heinrich Hoffmann Von Fallersleben) 00:47
32  The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith; Francis Scott Key) 00:21


GuitarWalter Bloch
KeyboardsChris Page
KeyboardsHolly Knight
KeyboardsIan Underwood
KeyboardsMike Lang
KeyboardsPeter Robinson
KeyboardsRalph Grierson
BassoonKen Munday
BassoonMichael O’Donovan
BassoonNorman Herzberg
ClarinetDominick Fera
ClarinetGary Gray
ClarinetJim Kanter
FluteDavid Shostac
FluteLouise Di Tullio
FluteSheridon Stokes
French HornArthur Maebe
French HornBrian O’Connor
French HornDavid Duke
French HornDiane Miller
French HornHenry Sigismonti
French HornJames Thatcher
French HornRichard Perissi
French HornRobin Graham
French HornVince DeRosa
OboeGene Cipriano
OboeJohn Winter
OboeTom Boyd
SaxErnie Watts
TromboneAlan Kaplan
TromboneBill Watrous
TromboneCharlie Loper
TromboneDick Nash
TromboneLloyd Ulyate
TrumpetBobby Findley
TrumpetGary Grant
TrumpetGraham Young
TrumpetJerry Hey
TrumpetRick Baptist
TrumpetTony Terran
TubaTommy Johnson
PercussionRobert Zimmitti
PercussionDale Anderson
PercussionEmil Richards
PercussionJerry Williams
PercussionJoe Porcaro
PercussionKen Watson
PercussionLarry Bunker
PercussionPeter Limonick
PercussionSteve Schaeffer

Other Musicians

Bass – Arni Egilsson, Buell Neidlinger, Chuck Domanico, David Young, Jay Grauer, Meyer Mike Rubin, Milton Kestenbaum, Susan Ranney
Cello – Armand Kaproff, Daniel Rothmuller, Dennis Karmazyn, Douglas Davis, Judy Perett, Marie Fera, Mary Lane, Nancy Stein, Nils Oliver, Paula Hochhalter, Robert L Adcock, Ronald Cooper
Harp – Dorothy Remsen
Viola – Carole Mukogawa, Carrie Holzman Little, Dan Neufeld, David Schwartz, Janet Lakatos, Joel Soultanian, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Linda Lipsett, Linn Subotnick, Michael Nowak, Milton Thomas, Myer Bello, Myra Kestenbaum, Pamela Goldsmith, Roland Kato
Violin – Alex Treger, Alfred Breuning, Anatol Kaminsky, Arnold Belnick, Assa Drori, Bonnie Douglas, Constance Meyer, David Frisina, Dorothy Wade, Endre Granat, Gwenn Heller, Haim Shtrum, Harold Wolf, Ilkka Talvi, Israel Baker, James Getzoff, Joy Lyle, Leslie Brown Katz, Mari Tsumura-Botnick, Marjorie Kransberg, Nathan Kaproff, Norma Leonard, Oscar Chausow, Paul Shure, Polly Sweeney, Reginald Hill, Ron Clark, Sheldon Sanov, Sidney Sharp, Stanley Plummer, Stuart Canin, Vicky Sylvester

Liner Notes

Producer – Bill Conti, Douglass Fake
Producer (Executive) – Roger Feigelson
Conductor – Bill Conti
Contractor – Sandy de Crescent
Coordinator – Frank K. DeWald
Edited By – Douglass Fake
Mastered By – Douglass Fake
Mixed By – Dan Wallin
Orchestrated By – Bill Conti, Greig McRitchie, Jack Eskew
Recorded By – Dan Wallin

Art Direction – Kay Marshall

Edited At Intrada
Mastered At Intrada
Mixed At Record Plant, LA
Recorded At – Record Plant, LA
Phonographic Copyright Universal Studios
Copyright Universal Studios