1985 KoKo-PoP – Secrets Of Lonely Boys

Secrets Of Lonely Boys is the second album by the funk/soul band KoKo-PoP. It was released in 1985 on Motown.


1  Lonely Girl, Lonely Boy (Recco Philmore) 03:41
2  Brand New Beat (Recco Philmore) 04:40
3  First Impression (Keith Alexander; Priest Lee) 04:12
4  Sugar Pop Baby (Benny Medina; Michael Dunlap; Chris Powell; Keith Alexander) 04:18
5  Fallin’ In Love (Benny Medina; Michael Dunlap) 03:44
6  Tell Me That You’re Mine (Eric O’Neal) 03:51
7  No More Secrets (Recco Philmore) 04:03
8  (He’s Got) Ulterior Motives (John West; Kerry Ashby; Willie Hutch) 03:36
9  Nasty (Chris Powell) 03:33
10  Foolish Heart (Eric O’Neal; Michael Hester) 03:58

The Band

Drums (programming)Ivan Houpe
Drums (programming)Steve Williams
GuitarKeith Alexander
GuitarMatt Seward
KeyboardsEric O’Neal
KeyboardsRecco Philmore
KeyboardsChris Powell
SaxChris Powell
VocalsKeith Alexander
VocalsMatt Seward
VocalsRecco Philmore
VocalsChris Powell

Other Musicians

ProgrammingEric O’Neal
ProgrammingJerry Mosely
MusicianBobby Sandstrom
MusicianGreg Phillinganes
MusicianJohn Bokowski
MusicianJohn West
MusicianKerry Ashby
MusicianMichael Dunlap
MusicianNeil Andrews
MusicianSteve Williams
MusicianVince Andrews

Liner Notes

Producer – Benny Medina, Chris Powell, Kerry Ashby
Co-producer – KoKo-Pop
Arranged By – KoKo-Pop (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10)
Arranged By – Benny Medina (Tracks 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10)
Arranged By – Michael Dunlap (Track 5)
Arranged By – John West, Kerry Ashby (Track 8)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Recco Philmore
Coordinator – Georgia Ward
Coordinator (Assistant) – Karen Jones, Keri Handleman, Lynne Hedden
Engineer (Mixing, Recording) – Gary Hedden
Engineer (Additional) – Bob Robitaille, Howard Siegel
Engineer (Assistant) – Jim Kaiser

Art Direction – Johnny Lee
Design – Janet Levinson
Photography – Ron Slenzak

Recorded At GHL Audio, Columbus, Ohio
Recorded At Motown/Hitsville USA Recording Studios, Hollywood CA
Recorded At Crystal Recording, Hollywood, CA
Phonographic Copyright Motown Record Corporation
Copyright Motown Record Corporation