1992 Soundtrack – Honey, I Blew Up The Kid

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid is a 1992 American science fiction comedy family film, and the second installment of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film series. Directed by Randal Kleiser and released by Walt Disney Pictures, it stars Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman, Amy O’Neill, and Robert Oliveri reprising their roles as the Szalinski family, as well as newcomer Keri Russell in her film debut.

Intrada Records released the record in 1992, in time for the film’s release. The score was composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton, who would return to provide the score for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees appears in it. So does “Loco-Motion” by Carole King, Gerry Goffin, and “Ours If We Want It” written by Tom Snow and Mark Mueller. The soundtrack album consists of just the score. In 2017, the label released an expanded edition included Broughton’s score for Off His Rockers, the animated short that preceded the film in cinemas.


1  Off His Rockers: Music From The Cartoon Short (Bruce Broughton) 04:29
2  Main Title (Bruce Broughton) 03:11
3  Meet The Szalinskis (Bruce Broughton) 01:03
4  Just Like Your Dad (Bruce Broughton) 01:37
5  To The Lab (Bruce Broughton) 01:58
6  Us Guys (Bruce Broughton) 01:03
7  Back To The Lab (Bruce Broughton) 01:15
8  Adam Gets Zapped (Bruce Broughton) 00:35
9  Putting On Weight? (Bruce Broughton) 01:26
10  Macrowaved (Bruce Broughton) 03:21
11  Hi Guys, I’m Home (Bruce Broughton) 00:57
12  How’d She Take It? (Bruce Broughton) 03:17
13  The Playpen (Bruce Broughton) 01:11
14  Sneaking Out (Bruce Broughton) 01:18
15  The Warehouse (Bruce Broughton) 02:07
16  Don’t Touch That Switch! (Bruce Broughton) 00:26
17  He’s Out And He’s Bigger (Bruce Broughton) 00:34
18  The Bunny Trick (Bruce Broughton) 02:54
19  Truck Ride (Bruce Broughton) 00:35
20  Hendrickson Gets Sacked (Bruce Broughton) 00:45
21  Get Big Bunny (Bruce Broughton) 04:18
22  No Naaap (Bruce Broughton) 01:49
23  Clear The Streets! (Bruce Broughton) 03:01
24  Car Flight (Bruce Broughton) 04:43
25  Ice Cream! (Bruce Broughton) 03:53
26  Look At That Mother! (Bruce Broughton) 02:29
27  Diane Decks Hendrickson (Bruce Broughton) 00:50
28  End Credits – That’s All Folks! (Bruce Broughton) 04:31
29  Mandy? (Bruce Broughton) 00:38
30  How Was Your Flight? (Bruce Broughton) 00:15
31  Starting To Get Big (Bruce Broughton) 00:17
32  Wayne Gets Fired (Bruce Broughton) 00:21
33  It’s Not A Morphis (Bruce Broughton) 00:10
34  The Crate (Bruce Broughton) 00:16
35  He’s Headed For Vegas (Bruce Broughton) 00:10
36  Adam Catches The Car (Bruce Broughton) 00:20
37  Can’t We Go Faster? (Bruce Broughton) 00:19
38  Adam Cries (Bruce Broughton) 00:15
39  Mandy’s Room (Rock Source #2) (Bruce Broughton) 01:37
40  T.V. Commercial Source (Bruce Broughton) 00:18
41  End Credits – That’s All, Folks! (Alternate) 04:46


BassAbraham Laboriel Sr
DrumsSteve Schaeffer
GuitarJohn Goux
GuitarTim May
PianoBryan Pezzone
PianoRalph Grierson
SynthesizerMike Lang
SynthesizerRandy Kerber
SynthesizerRandy Waldman
HarmonicaDavid McKelvy
BassoonBob Tricarico
BassoonDave Riddles
BassoonJohn Lowe
ClarinetMarty Krystall
ClarinetDan Higgins
ClarinetDominick Fera
ClarinetEmily Bernstein
ClarinetGary Gray
FluteLouise Di Tullio
FluteSheridon Stokes
FluteSusan Greenberg
French HornBrian O’Connor
French HornCalvin Smith
French HornDavid Duke
French HornJames Thatcher
French HornJohn Reynolds
French HornKurt Snyder
French HornRichard Todd
French HornTodd Miller
OboeJohn Winter
OboeJon Clarke
SaxGary Foster
TromboneAlan Kaplan
TromboneCharlie Loper
TromboneCraig Ware
TromboneWilliam Broughton
TrumpetDan Savant
TrumpetMalcolm McNab
TrumpetMario Guarneri
TrumpetRoy Poper
TrumpetWarren Luening
TubaJohn Thomas Johnson
PercussionDale Anderson
PercussionGreg Goodall
PercussionJerry Williams
PercussionJoe Porcaro
PercussionLarry Bunker
PercussionTom Raney
PercussionWade Culbreath

Other Musicians

Cello – Barbara Hunter, Christine Ermacoff, Dane Little, Dennis Karmazyn, Douglas Davis, Judith Johnson, Larry Corbett, Marie Fera, Paula Hochhalter, Robert L Adcock, Rowena Hammill, Stephen Erdody
Harp – Dorothy Remsen, Katie Kirkpatrick
Viola – Barbra Porter, Brian Dembow, Carole Castillo, Carrie Holzman Little, Denyse Buffum, Dmitri Bovaird, Janet Lakatos, John Scanlon, Ken Burward Hoy, Laura Kuennen-Poper, Matthew Funes, Pamela Goldsmith, Robin Ross, Steve Gordon, Vicki Miskolczy
Violin – Assa Drori, Bob Sanov, Brian Leonard, Bruce Dukov, Chris Reutinger, Claudia Parducci, Clayton Haslop, Dixie Blackstone, Dorothy Wade, Haim Shtrum, Harris Goldman, Henry Ferber, Irma Neumann, Jackie Brand, Jayme Miller, Jean Sudbury Hugo, Jennifer Woodward, Jenny Bellusci, Joy Lyle, Julie Gigante, Kathleen Lenski, Lisa Sutton Johnson, Margaret Batjer, Michael Ferril, Miwako Watanabe, Pam Gates, PatJohnson, Peter Kent, Rachel Robinson, Ralph Morrison, Rebecca Barr, Rene Mandel, Richard Altenbach, Robert Sushel, Roger Wilkie, Ronald Folsom, Sheldon Sanov, Steve Scharf, Tamara Chang, Vivian Wolf, Yoko Matsuda

Liner Notes

Producer – Bruce Broughton
Producer (Executive) – Douglass Fake, Roger Feigelson
Conductor – Bruce Broughton
Contractor – Kenneth Watson*, Reginald Wilson
Contractor (Orchestra Manager) – Ken Watson
Edited By – Douglass Fake
Mastered By – Douglass Fake, Joe Tarantino
Mixed By – Armin Steiner, Robert Fernandez
Orchestrated By – David Slonaker, Don Nemitz
Recorded By – Armin Steiner, Robert Fernandez
Score Editor – Patricia Carlin

Art Direction – Kay Marshall
Design Concept – Joe Sikoryak

Edited At Intrada
Mastered At Intrada
Mastered At Joe Tarantino Mastering
Mixed At Warner Bros Studios
Mixed At 20th Century Fox Studios, Scoring Stage 1
Recorded At Warner Bros. Studios
Recorded At 20th Century Fox Studios, Scoring Stage 1
Phonographic Copyright Walt Disney Records
Copyright Walt Disney Records