1997 TV Series – The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits is a television series that originally aired on Showtime, Syfy and in syndication between 1995 and 2002. The series is a revival of the original The Outer Limits series that aired from 1963 to 1965.

The Outer Limits is an anthology of distinct story episodes, sometimes with a plot twist at the end. The revival series maintained an anthology format, but occasionally featured recurring story arcs that were then tied together during season-finale clip shows.

John van Tongeren and Mark Mancina composed new music different from that of Dominic Frontiere and Harry Lubin. John van Tongeren scored ten episodes for the first season and continued through season 6. The musical theme for the modern Outer Limits series is credited to John Van Tongeren and Mark Mancina.


1  Outer Limits Theme (John van Tongeren; Mark Mancina) 01:03
2  Valerie 23 (John van Tongeren) 02:41
3  Sandkings I (John van Tongeren) 05:18
4  Sandkings Ii (John van Tongeren) 05:25
5  Message I (John van Tongeren) 05:23
6  Message Ii (John van Tongeren) 04:22
7  Message Iii (John van Tongeren) 04:08
8  Quality Of Mercy (John van Tongeren) 03:05
9  Quality Of Mercy Ii (John van Tongeren) 05:55
10  Conversion (John van Tongeren) 09:07
11  New Breed I (John van Tongeren) 04:45
12  New Breed Ii (John van Tongeren) 06:25
13  I Hear You Calling (John van Tongeren) 04:52
14  Stitch In Time (Peter Robinson) 02:42
15  Outer Limits End Titles (John van Tongeren) 01:04
16  Outer Limits (Re-Mix) (John van Tongeren) 03:34


MusicianJohn van Tongeren

Other Musicians

 14   Stitch In Time

MusicianPeter Robinson

 16   Outer Limits (Re-Mix)

VocalsTammy Byler

Liner Notes

Producer – John Van Tongeren
Producer (Executive) – John Watson, Pen Densham, Richard B Lewis, Mark Stern
Edited By – Aaron Martin
Engineer – Aaron Martin, Jim Hill, Randy Noble
Mastered By – Joe Gastwirt, Ramón Bretón

Design – Andreas Adamec, Darwin Foye, Doerte Lau

Mastered At Oceanview Digital Mastering
Phonographic Copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc
Copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc
Copyright Sonic Images Records