1967 The Ceyleib People – Tanyet

The Ceyleib People was a short-lived Raga-Rock band from Los Angeles.

Their only album, Tanyet, released in 1967 on Vault Records, features Wrecking Crew session musicians Mike Deasy on guitar, Larry Knechtel on keyboard, Lybuk Hyd (an alias for Deasy) on vocals and guitar, and Joe Osborn on bass, as well as Deasy’s son, Mike Deasy Jr, on drums. Ry Cooder also plays guitar on several tracks. The Ceyleib People’s music was heavily influenced by Indian classical music, Cooder having previously collaborated with Ravi Shankar.


01 Aton I 10:00
     Leyshem Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Jim Gordon)
     Zendan Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Jim Horn)
     Ceyladd Beyta Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)
     Becal Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Larry Knechtel)
     Ddom Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Larry Knechtel)
    Toadda BB Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Mike Melvoin; Mike S Deasy)
02 Aton II 11:15
    Dyl Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn; Ry Cooder)
    Ralin Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)
    Tygstl Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)
    Pendyl Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)
    Jacayl Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)
    Menyatt Dyl Com Lybuk Hyd (Joe Osborn)


BassJoe Osborn
BassLarry Knechtel
DrumsJim Gordon
DrumsMike S Deasy
GuitarMike Deasy
GuitarRy Cooder
GuitarMike Deasy
SitarBen Benay
SitarMike Deasy
KeyboardsLarry Knechtel
KeyboardsMike Melvoin
WoodwindsJim Horn
TambouraMike Deasy
VocalsMike S Deasy

Liner Notes

Producer – Mike Deasy
Engineer – Joe Osborn

Painting – Ida Griffin, Rick Griffin

Record Company Vault Recording Corporation