Wilbert Longmire

Wilbert Thomas Longmire played in the Cincinnati music scene in the early 1960s, making his first recordings in 1963 with Hank Marr ‘s quartet (“The Greasy Spoon”, Federal). He worked as a session musician for King Records, with Red Prysock and Jack McDuff. In 1967 he recorded in New York with Trudy Pitts and Bill Carney.

Around 1968 he made his debut album Revolution (Wold Pacific) in Los Angeles, playing in the studio band led by Joe Sample, among others Gary Barone, George Bohanon, Anthony Ortega, Wilton Felder, Leon Spencer, Larry Gales and Paul Humphrey. In the following years he worked in Gerald Wilson’s big band and with Rusty Bryant. On the recommendation of George Benson (a friend of Longmire’s) he was able to record an album for a sub-label of Columbia Records, Tappan Zee Records from Bob James (Sunny Side Up). He later recorded the LP’s Champagne (1978) and With All My Love (1980). He played again with Hank Marr (Groovin’ It). In jazz he was involved in 22 recording sessions between 1963 and 2005.

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