1994 Phil Perry – Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure is the second solo album by singer Phil Perry. It was released on GRP/MCA in 1994.


1  One Touch (Barry Eastmond; Jolyon Skinner) 04:50
2  The Way That I Want U (Barry Eastmond; Jolyon Skinner) 04:52
3  After The Love Has Gone (Bill Champlin; David Foster; Jay Graydon) 04:19
4  If Only You Knew (Cynthia Biggs; Dexter Wansel; Kenneth Gamble) 05:13
5  Love It, Love It (Hubert Eaves; Luther Vandross) 04:06
6  When It Comes To Love (Jeff Pescetto; Reed Vertelney) 05:13
7  Heaven (Barry Eastmond; Jolyon Skinner) 05:10
8  You Say, I Say (James Ingram; Phil Perry) 05:24
9  Angel Of The Night (Annie Roboff; Dennis Lambert; Phil Perry) 05:18
10  Love Don’t Love Nobody (Charles Simmons; Joseph Jefferson) 07:50
11  This Side of Heaven (Allen Shamblin; Brent Maher; Mike Reid) 05:58


1 One Touch

BassAnthony Jackson
DrumsBuddy Williams
Drums (programming)Barry Eastmond
GuitarMike Campbell
KeyboardsBarry Eastmond
SynthesizerEric Rehl
SynthesizerBarry Eastmond
ProgrammingEric Rehl
VocalsPhil Perry

2 The Way That I Want U

BassAnthony Jackson
DrumsBuddy Williams
Drums (programming)Barry Eastmond
KeyboardsBarry Eastmond
SynthesizerEric Rehl
SynthesizerBarry Eastmond
ProgrammingEric Rehl
SaxDanny Wilensky
VocalsPhil Perry

3 After The Love Has Gone

BassAbraham Laboriel Sr
DrumsMike Baird
GuitarRuss Freeman
KeyboardsRuss Freeman
PianoDavid Benoit
FlugelhornJerry Hey
PercussionRuss Freeman
VocalsVesta Williams
VocalsPhil Perry

4 If Only You Knew

Drums (programming)Barry Eastmond
GuitarGeorg Wadenius
KeyboardsBarry Eastmond
KeyboardsKeith Thomas
PianoKeith Thomas
SynthesizerBarry Eastmond
SaxEverette Harp
PercussionSteve Thornton
Background VocalsLillian Perry
Background VocalsKeith Thomas
VocalsPhil Perry

5 Love It, Love It

Drums (programming)John Howcott
KeyboardsJohn Howcott
KeyboardsDonald Parks
ProgrammingDonald Parks
Background VocalsEmanuel Officer
VocalsPhil Perry

6 When It Comes To Love

BassLarry Kimpel
Drums (programming)Reed Vertelney
KeyboardsBrad Cole
PianoBobby Lyle

7 Heaven

Drums (programming)Barry Eastmond
KeyboardsBarry Eastmond
KeyboardsEric Rehl
SynthesizerBarry Eastmond
ProgrammingEric Rehl
Background VocalsYolanda Lee
VocalsPhil Perry

8 You Say, I Say

DrumsWayne Linsey
GuitarPaul Jackson Jr
KeyboardsWayne Linsey
SynthesizerWayne Linsey
PercussionMichito Sanchez
Background VocalsJames Ingram
VocalsPhil Perry

9 Angel Of The Night

GuitarPaul Jackson Jr
KeyboardsClaude Gaudette
KeyboardsJeff Lorber
ProgrammingAnnie Roboff
ProgrammingDennis Lambert
ProgrammingPhil Perry
VocalsPhil Perry

10 Love Don’t Love Nobody

BassFreddie Washington
DrumsRicky Lawson
GuitarRay Fuller
KeyboardsGeorge Duke
SaxEverette Harp
Background VocalsKevin Dorsey
Background VocalsLillian Perry
Background VocalsLynn Davis
Background VocalsRoy Galloway
VocalsPhil Perry

11 This Side of Heaven

DrumsJR Robinson
KeyboardsRobbie Buchanan
ProgrammingAnthony Detiege
ProgrammingBilly Moss
ProgrammingTim Carmon
FluteDave Koz
SaxDave Koz
PercussionDennis Lambert
Background VocalsKatrina Perkins
Background VocalsLillian Perry
Background VocalsLisa Fischer
VocalsPhil Perry

Liner Notes

Producer – Barry Eastmond (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7)
Producer – Russ Freeman (Track 3)
Producer – Phil Perry (Tracks 4, 6, 8)
Producer – Keith Thomas (Track 4)
Producer – Jeff Pescetto, Reed Vertelney (Tracks 6)
Producer – James Ingram (Track 8)
Producer – Dennis Lambert (Tracks 9, 11)
Producer – George Duke (Track 10)
Producer (Executive) – Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen
Co-producer – Wayne Linsey (Tracks 8)
Co-producer – Phil Perry (Tracks 9, 11)
Arranged By – Wayne Linsey (Track 8)
Arranged By – George Duke (Track 10)
Arranged By (Strings) – Charles Veal (Track 9)
Coordinator – Cara Bridgins, Joseph Moore
Coordinator – Faith R. Fox, Todd Moore (Track 5)
Engineer – Joseph Doughney, Michael Landy
Engineer (Assistant) – Shawn McLean (Track 5)
Engineer (Assistant) – Curt Anderson, Frank Vialy, Ray Blair (Track 8)
Mastered By – Brian Gardner
Mixed By – Goh Hotoda (Tracks 1, 2, 7)
Mixed By – Alec Head (Track 4)
Mixed By – Bill Whittington (Track 5)
Mixed By – Mick Guzauski (Track 6)
Mixed By – Geoff Gillette (Track 8)
Mixed By – Gabe Veltri (Track 9)
Mixed By – Erik Zobler (Track 10)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Marnie Riley (Track 10)
Recorded By – Earl Cohen (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7)
Recorded By – Alec Head, Goh Hotoda (Tracks 1, 2, 7)
Recorded By – Alan Hirshberg (Tracks 3, 4)
Recorded By – Stan Wallace (Track 4)
Recorded By – Bill Whittington (Track 5)
Recorded By – Ryan Greene (Track 6)
Recorded By – Charlie Paakkari (Track 8)
Recorded By – Gabe Veltri (Tracks 9, 11)
Recorded By – Jeff Lorber (Track 9)
Recorded By – Greg Laney (Track 10)
Recorded By – Bunny Hop, Doug Rider (Track 11)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Tim Aller (Track 3)
Remix – Alec Head (Tracks 1, 2, 7)

Art Direction – Dan Serrano, Hollis King
Design – Alba Acevedo, Freddie Paloma, Laurie Goldman
Photography – Carol Weinberg

Recorded At 29th Street Studio
Recorded At East Bay Music, Tarrytown, NY
Recorded At Sorceror Studios, New York
Recorded At SoundTracks Studios, New York, NY
Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Phonographic Copyright GRP Records Inc
Copyright GRP Records Inc