1962 Ravi Shankar – Improvisations And Theme From Pather Panchali

Improvisations is a 1962 LP album by Ravi Shankar. The opening piece is based on music from Shankar’s score for Satyajit Ray’s 1955 movie Pather Panchali with flutist Bud Shank playing in Indian style. Shankar composed “Fire Night” influenced by the 1961 Los Angeles fires and the song features jazz musicians Shank (flute) and Gary Peacock (bass) improvise over Indian percussion instruments. The concluding ragas are in classical Indian style: the first raga, Kirvani, with South Indian origin, and the second, Rageshri, with North Indian origin. The album was released in CD format by Angel Records in 1999.


1  Improvisation On The Theme Music From Pather Panchali (Ravi Shankar) 07:07
2  Fire Night (Ravi Shankar) 04:37
3  Karnataki  06:44
4  Raga Rageshri Part 1 (Alap) 06:51
5  Raga Rageshri Part 2 (Jor) 11:02
6  Raga Rageshri Part 3 (Gat) 03:23


BassGary Peacock
DrumsLouis Hayes
GuitarDennis Budimir
SitarRavi Shankar
SitarHarihar Rao
TablasKanai Dutta
TamburaNodu Mullick
PercussionHarihar Rao

Liner Notes

Producer – Richard Bock
Recorded By – Richard Bock

Design, Photography – Woody Woodward

Recorded At World Pacific Studios
Copyright World Pacific Records