1994 Richard Dimples Fields – Baby Makin’ Music

Baby Makin’ Music is an album by soul singer Richard “Dimples” Fields, released in 1994 (Owch! Records).

Richard “Dimples” Fields (March 21, 1942 – January 12, 2000) was an American R&B and soul singer, popular during the 1980s.


1  Baby’s Got It Goin’ On (Belinda Wilson; Dave Hardy; Richard Dimples Fields) 04:22
2  Circle You With Love (Belinda Wilson; Dave Hardy; Richard Dimples Fields) 05:53
3  I Wanna Sleep In Your Body Tonight! (Belinda Wilson; Israel Charles; Richard Dimples Fields) 05:39
4  At This Moment (Billy Vera) 04:49
5  Why Am I Still In Love With You? (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 04:34
6  A Piece Of My Heart (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 05:06
7  Jazzy Lady (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 06:04
8  Sincerely (Harvey Fuqua) 04:12
9  She’s Got Papers On Me (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 07:28
10  If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 07:02
11  Takin’ Applications (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields) 05:41
12  Moody’s Mood For Love (Jimmy McHugh; Dorothy Fields) 03:35
13  I Can’t Live With Or Without You (Belinda Wilson; Richard Dimples Fields; Tony Wells; Wayne Douglas) 09:32


BassWelton Gite
DrumsMelvin Webb
DrumsQuentin Dennard
GuitarArthur Adams
GuitarEarl Alexander
GuitarJosh Sklair
GuitarMarlo Henderson
KeyboardsClydene Jackson
KeyboardsEddie Noble
KeyboardsHense Powell
KeyboardsIsrael Charles
KeyboardsRudy Martin
KeyboardsWilliam Zimmerman
KeyboardsEddie Brown
Background VocalsLeslie Jones
Background VocalsMargo Thunder
Background VocalsWanda Perry
Background VocalsJohn Valentine
Background VocalsJulia Tillman Waters
Background VocalsMaxine Willard Waters
Background VocalsOren Waters
Background VocalsLuther Waters
Background VocalsClydene Jackson
VocalsRichard Dimples Fields

Other Musicians

9  She’s Got Papers On Me

Rap Betty Wright

12  Moody’s Mood For Love

Vocals Patrice Rushen

Horns – John Stout And Company
Strings – John Santulis And Company

Liner Notes

Producer – Richard Dimples Fields
Arranged By (Strings) – Hense Powell
Engineer – Anthony Modster, Carl Lange, Craig Robinson, Gloria Davis, Paul Arnold, Tom Herzer

Recorded At CBA Studios
Recorded At Artisan Sound Recorders
Recorded At Newbury Sound
Recorded At Studio City Sound
Copyright Owch! Records