1970 The Zeet Band – Moogie Woogie

Moogie Woogie (1970, Chess) is the only album released by The Zeet Band (Erwin Helfer, Mark Naftalin and Paul Beaver).

Electronic Boogie & Blues, composed and played on the Moog Synthesizer.


1  Fireball Boogie (Fastfinger Finkelstein; Norman Dayron) 03:09
2  Foggy Train Blues (Erwin Helfer) 01:32
3  Beaver Boogie (Paul Beaver) 02:47
4  Boogie-Loo (Mark Naftalin) 02:31
5  Gimme 5c Worth Of Love (Erwin Helfer) 03:04
6  3:45 Blues (Erwin Helfer) 03:21
7  Piggie Woogie (Erwin Helfer) 01:53
8  Moogie Boogie (Donny Hathaway; Mark Naftalin; Norman Dayron) 02:41
9  Fat City! (Erwin Helfer) 02:07
10  Angel’s Dust Boogie (Fastfinger Finkelstein) 02:48
11  Pinetop’s Blues (Clarence Smith) 02:00
12  Inside (Erwin Helfer) 04:31


MusicianFastfinger Finkelstein
MusicianErwin Heffer
MusicianMark Naftalin
MusicianNorman Dayron
MusicianPaul Beaver
MusicianDick Berk
MusicianDonny Hathaway
MusicianIra Kamin
MusicianJoe Osborn
MusicianJohn Guerin
MusicianLawrence Brown
MusicianMorris Jennings
MusicianPhil Upchurch
MusicianJohn Conrad
MusicianRay Pohlman

Liner Notes

Producer – Norman Dayron
Producer (Assistant) – Bob Snyder, Jeffrey Carp, Mark Naftalin
Edited By – Norman Dayron
Engineer (Remix) – Norman Dayron

Design – Daily Planet
Illustration – Andrew Epstein

Mastered At Ter Mar Studios
Recorded At Elektron-Muzics, Los Angeles
Recorded At Sound Recorders, Hollywood
Recorded At Sierra Sound Laboratories
Recorded At Sonart Inc, Chicago
Recorded At Ter Mar Studios