Mari Nakamoto

Mari Nakamoto (March 26, 1947 in Sendai) is a Japanese singer who moves in the fields of jazz, fusion and pop music.
Nakamoto released her debut album Unforgettable! in 1973. ( Three Blind Mice ), on which she was mentored by Kunimitsu Inaba, Tetsujiro Obara, Shōji Yokouchi, Yasuro Ozawa and Akira Miyazawa. In the years that followed, more albums followed, made with her own band as well as guest musicians, such as Isao Suzuki and Kazumi Watanabe (Mari Nakamoto III, 1975), Jimmy Rowles (Memories, 1987) and Cedar Walton (What Is Love?, 1997).
She continued to work with Yuzuru Sera, Isao Suzuki , Shigeko Toya and Bingo Miki & Inner Galaxy Orchestra. In 1978 she performed with Tasuya Takahashi and the Tokyo Union Orchestra at the Jazz Festival Montreux. In jazz, she sang on 32 recording sessions between 1973 and 1995, including on the album Summertime, on which she was accompanied by Reggie Workman ‘s trio (with Ronnie Mathews and Charli Persip ). Her repertoire included both jazz standards such as ” Cheek To Cheek “, ” You Go To My Head “, ” Georgia On My Mind”  and “Lover, Come Back to Me” as well as pop classics such as “You Are the Sunshine Of My Life “, ” What A Difference A Day Made ” and ” What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”