1992 Hans Zimmer – Millennium – Tribal Wisdom And The Modern World

Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World is a 1992 documentary television series of ten one-hour episodes celebrating the lifeways and worldviews of small scale non-technological societies as the last of them face their inevitable accommodation with the ‘modern world’. The Western world’s desire to remake other societies into its own image robs our modern world of the gifts of other cultures. By exploring the values and different worldviews that hold many tribal societies together, the Millennium series reflects on what the modern world can learn from tribal societies as we all face the challenges of the next millennium: harmony with the natural world and one another, humility and tolerance, and a sense of belonging.

The soundtrack for Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World was composed and produced by Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer and released by Narada Productions on March 31, 1992. Zimmer reconciles modern and tribal cultures by blending progressive electronic textures with sounds and rhythms of the traditional cultures of the series.


1  Shaman’s Song (Hans Zimmer) 00:27
2  Stories For A Thousand Years (Hans Zimmer) 01:00
3  The Journey Begins (Hans Zimmer) 01:57
4  The Stone Drag (Hans Zimmer) 02:19
5  Courting Song/Love In The Himalayas (Hans Zimmer) 03:18
6  Inventing Reality (Hans Zimmer) 02:16
7  Fiddlers/Pilgrimage To Wirikuta (Hans Zimmer) 04:30
8  The Shock Of The Other (Hans Zimmer) 07:15
9  Race Of The Initiates (Hans Zimmer) 02:00
10  The Art Of Living (Hans Zimmer) 02:16
11  Geerewol Celebrations (Hans Zimmer) 05:00
12  Song For The Dead (Hans Zimmer) 00:58
13  Pilgrims’ Chant/In The Land Of The Ancestors (Hans Zimmer) 03:47
14  An Ecology Of Mind (Hans Zimmer) 04:31
15  Well Song/A Desert Home (Hans Zimmer) 03:37
16  Initiation Chant/Rites Of Passage (Hans Zimmer) 02:09
17  The Journey Continues (Hans Zimmer) 03:12
18  Millennium Theme (Hans Zimmer) 03:06


MusicianJohn van Tongeren
MusicianMark Mancina
CharangoCristian Amigo
ViolinAlexis Carreon

Liner Notes

Producer – Hans Zimmer
Arranged By – Michael Grant, Richard Meech, Terence McKeown, John Van Tongeren, Mark Mancina
Edited By – Anke Bakker, David Bennett, Eric Hill, Marta Neilson, Paul Durand
Edited By (Supervisor) – Alison Clark
Engineer – Jay Rifkin
Engineer (Additional) – Michael Stevens
Mastered By – Randy Kling
Mixed By – Jay Rifkin
Recorded By (Tribal Sounds) – Simmy Claire, Stephen Bourne, Stuart French, Terence McKeown

Artwork – Paula Munck
Design – Connie Gage, John Morey
Photography – Yvette Roman

Engineered At Media Ventures
Mixed At Media Ventures
Phonographic Copyright Narada Productions Inc
Copyright Narada Productions Inc