1989 Starship – Love Among The Cannibals

Love Among The Cannibals is the third album released in 1989 by rock band Starship. It was the first album after Grace Slick’s departure from the band, and their last full-length studio release until Loveless Fascination in 2013. The album marks a shift in the band’s musical direction, featuring a harder edged, AOR style as opposed to the synth pop of their first two albums. Another departure from the preceding albums is the decrease in outside writers, as this album features four songs written by Thomas, Morgan, or Chaquico. The song “Wild Again” had previously been produced for the soundtrack to Cocktail (1988), and was included as a bonus track for the album’s CD release. The album had one top 20 single on the Billboard charts, “It’s Not Enough”, which peaked at No. 12 in October 1989 and was their final Top-40 hit, but the album itself only climbed to No. 64. The track “I’ll Be There” went on to being featured in the end credits of Gross Anatomy (1989).


1  The Burn (Martin Page; Bernie Taupin) 04:26
2  It’s Not Enough (Martin Page; Tommy Funderburk) 04:45
3  Trouble In Mind (Joel Feeney; Tim Thorney; Rachel Oldfield) 04:34
4  I Didn’t Mean To Stay All Night (Robert John Lange) 04:50
5  Send A Message (Mickey Thomas; Mark Morgan; Steve Diamond) 04:49
6  Love Among The Cannibals (Mark Morgan; Mickey Thomas) 03:44
7  We Dream In Color (Mark Morgan; Mickey Thomas; Phil Galdston) 06:27
8  Healing Waters (Martin Page) 04:58
9  Blaze Of Love (Chris Thompson; John van Tongeren; Phil Galdston) 04:34
10  I’ll Be There (Craig Chaquico; Mickey Thomas; Steve Diamond) 05:32


BassBrett Bloomfield
DrumsDonny Baldwin
GuitarCraig Chaquico
KeyboardsMark Morgan
VocalsMickey Thomas

Other Musicians

1 The Burn

GuitarMike Landau
Background VocalsBrett Bloomfield
Background VocalsDonny Baldwin
Background VocalsTommy Funderburk

2 It’s Not Enough

ProgrammingLarry Klein
Background VocalsBrett Bloomfield
Background VocalsDonny Baldwin
Background VocalsTommy Funderburk

3 Trouble In Mind

ElectronicsCollyer Spreen

4 I Didn’t Mean To Stay All Night

ProgrammingLarry Klein
Background VocalsBrett Bloomfield
Background VocalsDonny Baldwin
Background VocalsTommy Funderburk
Background VocalsRobert John Lange

5 Send A Message

ElectronicsCollyer Spreen

6 Love Among The Cannibals

SynclavierGreg Shaw
ElectronicsGreg Shaw
TrumpetGreg Shaw

7 We Dream In Color

SynclavierGreg Shaw

8 Healing Waters

ElectronicsCollyer Spreen
Background VocalsTom Lord-Alge

9 Blaze Of Love

ElectronicsCollyer Spreen

Liner Notes

Producer – Mike Shipley (Tracks 1, 2, 4)
Producer – Larry Klein (Tracks 2, 4)
Producer – Starship, Tom Lord-Alge (Tracks 3, 5, 9, 10, 11)
Producer – Phil Galdston (Track 6)
Co-producer – Arne Frager (Tracks 7, 8)
Arranged By – Larry Klein (Tracks 1, 2)
Arranged By – Robert John Lange (Track 4)
Engineer – Mike Shipley (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6)
Engineer – Tom Lord-Alge (Tracks 3, 5, 9 to 11)
Engineer – Stephen Benben (Track 6)
Engineer – Arne Frager (Tracks 7, 8)
Engineer (Additional) – Pete Woodroffe (Track 1)
Engineer (Additional) – Tony Phillips (Track 4)
Engineer (Additional) – Rob Beaton (Tracks 7, 8)
Engineer (Assistant) – Mark Slagle (Tracks 1, 3, 9, 10, 11)
Engineer (Assistant) – Greg Laney, Rob Beaton (Track 1)
Engineer (Assistant) – Julie Last, Randy Wine (Track 2)
Engineer (Assistant) – Michael Semanick, Tom Sadzeck (Tracks 3, 5, 9 to 11)
Engineer (Assistant) – Greg Wilkinson, Paula Garcia (Track 4)
Engineer (Assistant) – Michael Rosen, Tom Size (Track 6)
Mastered By – Greg Fulginiti
Mixed By – Mike Shipley (Tracks 1, 2, 4)
Mixed By – Tom Lord-Alge (Tracks 3, 5, 9, 10, 11)
Mixed By – Paul Lani (Tracks 7, 8)
Technician – Geoff Grace, Collyer Spreen

Art Direction, Design – Norman Moore
Photography By – Taylor King

Mastered At Artisan Sound Recorders
Mixed At Mayfair Studios
Mixed At A&M Studios
Mixed At The Hit Factory
Mixed At Battery Studios, London
Mixed At Different Fur Studios
Mixed At Soundcastle
Mixed At Larrabee Sound Studios
Recorded At Studio 55, Los Angeles
Recorded At Record Plant, Sausalito
Recorded At Different Fur Studios
Recorded At The Kiva
Recorded At Soundcastle
Recorded At Maison Rouge
Recorded At Fantasy Studios
Recorded At Studio D, Sausalito, CA
Phonographic Copyright BMG Music
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