1971 Rosebud – Rosebud

Rosebud was the name of an American popular music group which released a single and album in 1971.

Its members were Judy Henske, Jerry Yester, Craig Doerge, John Seiter, and David Vaught. The album was a follow-up to the Henske-Yester collaboration, Farewell Aldebaran. Perhaps to its detriment, Rosebud was seen as a democratic enterprise, with all band members contributing songs and singing, broadly in a countryish soft rock style—rather than making the best use of Henske’s remarkable voice and songwriting abilities. Following its release and a couple of live shows, the band split up, Henske and Yester divorced, and she and Doerge married.

Yester is credited as the producer of their lone album. The LP was released on the Straight/Reprise label; the album was rereleased on CD in 2004 by Collectors’ Choice Music, and again in 2017 with bonus tracks by Omnivore Recordings.

Yester, Henske, and Doerge have continued to produce and record music, and Judy Henske has recently returned to the studio and has been touring as well.


1  Panama (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 03:52
2  Le Soleil (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 02:37
3  Reno (Craig Doerge; Judy Henske) 03:57
4  Western Wisconsin (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 04:00
5  Lorelei (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 03:52
6  Salvation (Craig Doerge; Judy Henske) 04:02
7  Lullabye II (Summer Carol) (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 02:31
8  The Yum Yum Man (Craig Doerge; Judy Henske) 03:31
9  Roll Home Cheyenne (Jerry Yester; Judy Henske) 03:12
10  Flying To Morning (Craig Doerge; Judy Henske) 04:21


BassDavid Vaught
BassJerry Yester
DrumsJohn Seiter
GuitarJerry Yester
AutoharpJerry Yester
BanjoJerry Yester
KeyboardsCraig Doerge
ConcertinaCraig Doerge
BellsJohn Seiter
VibraphoneCraig Doerge
PercussionJohn Seiter
VocalsJohn Seiter
VocalsJerry Yester
VocalsCraig Doerge
VocalsJudy Henske

Other Musicians

3 Reno

GuitarMike Deasy
12 String GuitarMike Deasy

6 Salvation

GuitarMike Deasy
12 String GuitarMike Deasy

8 The Yum Yum Man

Pedal Steel GuitarBuddy Emmons

9 Roll Home Cheyenne

BassRay Brown
GuitarBarry Zweig

Liner Notes

Producer – Jerry Yester
Producer (Executive) – Herb Cohen
Mixed By – Richard Moore
Recorded By – Richard Moore

Art Direction – Ed Thrasher
Photography – Henry Diltz, Jim Metropole

Recorded At The Village Recorder
Copyright Warner Bros Records Inc