2003 Various – A Very Special Acoustic Christmas

A Very Special Acoustic Christmas is the sixth in the A Very Special Christmas series of Christmas music-themed compilation albums produced to benefit the Special Olympics. The album was released in 2003 by Lost Highway Records. As opposed to earlier editions that contained a wide variety of musical styles, this edition of A Very Special Christmas featured primarily country and bluegrass artists. It also uses cover art unique to the series, minimizing the Keith Haring artwork that serves as the series trademark. It peaked at #159 on December 2003 Billboard album chart.


1  Silent Night (Franz Gruber; Joseph Mohr) 03:35
2  Frosty The Snowman (Jack Rollins; Steve Nelson) 02:20
3  Please Come Home For Christmas (Charles Brown; Gene Redd) 03:19
4  Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair (Donald Huber; Charles Hoss Burns) 03:27
5  Only You Can Bring Me Cheer (Gentleman’s Lady) (Alison Krauss; Viktor Krauss) 03:36
6  Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues (Marty Stewart) 03:31
7  Jingle Bells (James Lord Pierpont) 02:44
8  Christmas Is Near (Ralph Stanley) 02:24
9  O Come All Ye Faithful (Traditional) 02:33
10  O Holy Night (Adolphe Adam) 04:07
11  Winter Wonderland (Dick Smith; Felix Bernard) 02:35
12  Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Sammy Cahn; Jule Styne) 04:10
13  Away In A Manger (William Kirkpatrick; James Ramsey Murray) 03:03
14  Christmas Time At Home (Rhonda Vincent) 02:45
15  I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Buck Ram; Kim Gannon; Walter Kent) 03:06
16  Peace (Horace Silver) 04:19


1 Silent Night

Upright BassKevin Grantt
Acoustic GuitarLarry Paxton
Acoustic GuitarBartholomew James Lowry
PianoRandy McCormick
SynthesizerRandy McCormick
Background VocalsBergen White
Background VocalsLisa Cochran
Background VocalsLouis Nunley
Background VocalsMarabeth Jordan
VocalsReba McEntire

2 Frosty The Snowman

Double BassBarry Bales
GuitarRon Block
MandolinDan Tyminski
BellsDan Tyminski
PercussionLarry Atamanuik
Background VocalsJames Knobloch
Background VocalsJulia Knobloch
Background VocalsSadie Paczosa
VocalsDan Tyminski

3 Please Come Home For Christmas

BassTony Garnier
DrumsJoe Mardin
GuitarWillie Nelson
Pedal Steel GuitarLarry Campbell
PianoRob Schwimmer
FiddleKenny Kosek
Tubular BellsJoe Mardin
VocalsWillie Nelson

4 Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair

Acoustic GuitarBruce Watkins
PianoGreenwood Hart
FiddleJonathan Yudkin
Background VocalsJohn Wesley Ryles
VocalsAlan Jackson

5 Only You Can Bring Me Cheer (Gentleman’s Lady)

BassViktor Krauss
DrumsShannon Forrest
GuitarKenny Vaughn
KeyboardsGabe Dixon
FlugelhornVinnie Ciesielski
TromboneRoy Agee
TrumpetVinnie Ciesielski
Background VocalsCarmella Ramsey
Background VocalsCheryl White
VocalsAlison Krauss

6 Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues

Double BassMark Fain
Acoustic GuitarMarty Stewart
Acoustic GuitarKenny Vaughn
MandolinMarty Stewart
OrganTony Harrell
FiddleShad Cobb
Background VocalsBrian Glenn
Background VocalsHarry Stinson
VocalsMarty Stewart

7 Jingle Bells

BassGary Scruggs
Acoustic GuitarRandy Scruggs
Acoustic GuitarJon Randall
BanjoEarl Scruggs
DobroRob Ickes
MandolinGlen Duncan
FiddleGlen Duncan

8 Christmas Is Near

BassEmory Gordy
Acoustic GuitarEmory Gordy
BanjoStuart Duncan
MandolinStuart Duncan
FiddleStuart Duncan
Background VocalsStuart Duncan
Background VocalsPatty Loveless
VocalsRalph Stanley

9 O Come All Ye Faithful

BassEmory Gordy
Acoustic GuitarEmory Gordy
MandolinStuart Duncan
Background VocalsJon Randall
Background VocalsLiana Manis
VocalsPatty Loveless

10 O Holy Night

BassMike Brignardello
DrumsShannon Forrest
Acoustic GuitarDann Huff
Acoustic GuitarJT Corenflos
Acoustic GuitarLarry Beaird
Steel GuitarBruce Bouton
KeyboardsMike Rojas
FiddleJonathan Yudkin
PercussionEric Darken
Background VocalsKim Fleming
Background VocalsVicki Hampton
VocalsWynonna Judd

11 Winter Wonderland

BassMichael Tarabay
DrumsJustin Pollard
Acoustic GuitarChris Tondre
Acoustic GuitarJondan McBride
MandolinJondan McBride
ViolinBrendon Anthony
PercussionJustin Pollard
Background VocalsJondan McBride
VocalsPat Green

12 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

BassByron House
DrumsChris Brown
GuitarJohn Jorgenson
MandocelloSam Bush
MandolaSam Bush
MandolinSam Bush

13 Away In A Manger

Double BassMark Fain
Acoustic GuitarCody Kilby
MandolinRicky Skaggs
FiddleAndy Leftwich
Background VocalsDarrin Vincent
Background VocalsPaul Brewster
VocalsRicky Skaggs

14 Christmas Time At Home

Acoustic BassKevin Grantt
Acoustic GuitarBryan Sutton
Acoustic GuitarCody Kilby
BanjoRonnie Stewart
DobroRandy Kohrs
MandolinStuart Duncan
MandolinMike Compton
FiddleStuart Duncan
Background VocalsAlison Krauss
Background VocalsDarrin Vincent
VocalsRhonda Vincent

15 I’ll Be Home For Christmas

BassJay Brown
DrumsZeke Hutchins
GuitarDavid Wilson
WurlitzerBrandon Bush
GlockenspielBrandon Bush
OrganGreg Readling
VocalsTift Merritt

16 Peace

PianoNorah Jones
VocalsNorah Jones

Liner Notes

Producer – Buddy Cannon, Norro Wilson, Reba McEntire (Track 1)
Producer – Dan Tyminski (Track 2)
Producer – Arif Mardin (Track 3)
Producer – Keith Stegall (Track 4)
Producer – Alison Krauss, Viktor Krauss (Track 5)
Producer – Randy Scruggs (Track 7)
Producer – Emory Gordy Jr (Tracks 8, 9)
Producer – Dann Huff (Track 10)
Producer – Justin Pollard (Track 11)
Producer – Sam Bush (Track 12)
Producer – Ricky Skaggs (Track 13)
Producer – Darrin Vincent, Rhonda Vincent (Track 14)
Producer – Peter Collins (Track 15)
Producer (Assistant) – Bridgett Petraitis, Louise Scruggs (Track 7)
Producer (Assistant) – Ken Tondre (Track 11)
Producer (Executive) – Bobby Shriver, Brian Phillips, Jeff Pollack, Luke Lewis, Seth Lichtenstein
Arranged By – Buddy Cannon, Norro Wilson, Reba McEntire (Track 1)
Arranged By – Emory Gordy Jr, Patty Loveless (Track 9)
Coordinator – Shannon Finnegan Scott (Track 1)
Coordinator – Mike Griffith, The Sessions Agency (Track 10)
Engineer – Gary Paczosa (Track 5)
Engineer – Jay Newland (Track 16)
Engineer (Assistant) – Jason Stasium (Track 3)
Engineer (Assistant) – Steve Mabee, Thomas Johnson (Track 5)
Engineer (Second) – Lee Groitzsch (Track 13)
Mastered By – Benny Quinn
Mixed By – John Guess (Track 1)
Mixed By – Gary Paczosa (Tracks 2, 5, 12)
Mixed By – Michael O’Reilly (Track 3)
Mixed By – John Kelton (Track 4)
Mixed By – Brent King (Track 6)
Mixed By – Ron Reynolds (Track 7)
Mixed By – Justin Niebank (Tracks 8, 9)
Mixed By – Mark Hagen (Track 10)
Mixed By – Ken Tondre (Track 11)
Mixed By – Brent King (Track 13)
Mixed By – Bil Vorndick (Track 14)
Mixed By – Ray Kennedy (Track 15)
Mixed By – Jay Newland (Track 16)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Juan Rodriguez (Track 1)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Thomas Johnson (Tracks 2, 12)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Lee Groitzsch (Track 6)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Drew Bollman (Tracks 8, 9)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Justin Pollard (Track 11)
Recorded By – Billy Sherrill (Track 1)
Recorded By – Gary Paczosa (Tracks 2, 5, 12)
Recorded By – Michael O’Reilly (Track 3)
Recorded By – John Kelton (Track 4)
Recorded By – Brent King (Track 6)
Recorded By – Ron Reynolds (Track 7)
Recorded By – Emory Gordy Jr (Tracks 8, 9)
Recorded By – Derek Bason, Mark Hagen (Track 10)
Recorded By – Ken Tondre (Track 11)
Recorded By – Brent King (Track 13)
Recorded By – Luke Wooten (Track 14)
Recorded By – Ray Kennedy (Track 15)
Recorded By (Additional) – Tony Castle (Track 1)
Recorded By (Additional) – Jason Lehning (Track 5)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Todd Tidwell (Track 1)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Thomas Johnson (Tracks 2, 12)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Lee Groitzsch (Track 6)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Drew Bollman (Tracks 8, 9)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Scott Kidd (Track 10)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Justin Pollard (Track 11)

Art Direction, Design – Craig Allen
Artwork – Keith Haring
Photography – Erik Asla

Engineered At Sound Emporium
Engineered At Sorcerer Sound
Mastered At Masterfonics
Mixed At Starstruck Studios
Mixed At Seventeen Grand Recording
Mixed At Minutia Studios
Mixed At Right Track Recording
Mixed At The Sound Station
Mixed At Skaggs Place Studios
Mixed At Scruggs Sound Studio
Mixed At Emerald Sound Studios
Mixed At Emerald Entertainment
Mixed At Room & Board Recording
Mixed At Sorcerer Sound
Recorded At Starstruck Studios
Recorded At Seventeen Grand Recording
Recorded At Minutia Studios
Recorded At Right Track Recording
Recorded At The Sound Station
Recorded At Skaggs Place Studios
Recorded At Scruggs Sound Studio
Recorded At Emerald Sound Studios
Recorded At Emerald Entertainment
Recorded At Station West
Recorded At Music City Studios, Gallatin, TN
Recorded At Room & Board Recording
Phonographic Copyright Special Olympics Inc
Copyright Special Olympics Inc
Copyright The Estate Of Keith Haring