1985 Jennifer Holliday – Say You Love Me

Say You Love Me is the second studio album by American singer Jennifer Holliday released on vinyl and cassette. It was released by Geffen Records. In 1985, two singles were released from the album. The singles were “Hard Time for Lovers” and “No Frills Love”. Michael Jackson co-wrote and produced the album’s opener “You’re The One.” The album charted at #110 on the Billboard 200 and #34 at the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.


1  You’re The One (Buz Kohan; Michael Jackson) 04:41
2  What Kind Of Love Is This (John Duarte; Mark Paul) 04:28
3  No Frills Love (Arthur Baker; Gary Henry; Tina Baker) 03:58
4  Hard Times For Lovers (Lotti Golden; Richard Scher) 05:09
5  Say You Love Me (DJ Rogers) 05:56
6  I Rest My Case (Andy Goldmark; Bruce Roberts) 04:00
7  Dreams Never Die (John Duarte; Mark Paul) 04:08
8  Just A Matter Of Time (Carl Sturken; Evan Rogers) 04:42
9  He’s A Pretender (Gary Goetzman; Mike Piccirillo) 04:09
10  Come Sunday (Duke Ellington) 05:44


1 You’re The One

Bass (synthesizer)John Barnes
Acoustic GuitarEarl Klugh
KeyboardsJohn Barnes
ProgrammingCraig Huxley
VocalsJennifer Holliday

2 What Kind Of Love Is This

Drums (programming)John Duarte
GuitarDann Huff
KeyboardsJohn Duarte
VocalsJennifer Holliday

3 No Frills Love

BassGary Henry
Drums (programming)Arthur Baker
GuitarIra Siegel
KeyboardsGary Henry
PercussionBashiri Johnson
Background VocalsBJ Nelson
Background VocalsBeau Brown
Background VocalsCraig Derry
Background VocalsLotti Golden
Background VocalsTina Baker
Background VocalsWill Downing
VocalsJennifer Holliday

4 Hard Times For Lovers

Electronic DrumsWilliam Beard
Drums (programming)Richard Scher
GuitarIra Siegel
KeyboardsRichard Scher
SynthesizerRichard Scher
Background VocalsBJ Nelson
Background VocalsLotti Golden
Background VocalsTina Baker
VocalsJennifer Holliday

5 Say You Love Me

BassFrancisco Centeno
DrumsSteve Ferrone
GuitarDavid Spinozza
KeyboardsLeon Pendarvis
Strings (Synthesizer)Larry Williams
Background VocalsStephanie James
VocalsJennifer Holliday

6 I Rest My Case

Drums (programming)Andy Goldmark
Drums (programming)Bruce Roberts
GuitarIra Siegel
SynthesizerAndy Goldmark
SynthesizerHowie Rice
SynthesizerJohn van Tongeren
SynthesizerRichard Scher
Background VocalsArnold McCuller
Background VocalsBruce Roberts
Background VocalsLotti Golden
Background VocalsMichelle Lovett
Background VocalsSharon Redd
Background VocalsStephanie James
Background VocalsTina Baker
VocalsJennifer Holliday

7 Dreams Never Die

BassAbraham Laboriel Sr
Drums (programming)John Duarte
GuitarDann Huff
KeyboardsJohn Duarte
SaxJoel Peskin
VocalsJennifer Holliday

8 Just A Matter Of Time

BassJohn Nevin
Drums (programming)Carl Sturken
Drums (programming)Evan Rogers
GuitarCarl Sturken
KeyboardsCarl Sturken
SaxVernon Jeffrey Smith

9 He’s A Pretender

Drums (programming)John Duarte
GuitarChuck Yamek
KeyboardsJohn Duarte
SynthesizerBill Cuomo
Background VocalsGwen Matthews
VocalsJennifer Holliday

10 Come Sunday

BassEddie Gomez
DrumsSteve Gadd
GuitarChuck Loeb
KeyboardsClifford Carter
PianoWarren Bernhardt
SynthesizerClifford Carter
FlugelhornAlan Rubin
FlugelhornJoe Shepley
FlugelhornMarvin Stamm
FlugelhornRandy Brecker
TromboneDavid Taylor
TromboneBirch Johnson
TromboneJim Pugh
TromboneKeith O’Quin
TrumpetAlan Rubin
TrumpetJoe Shepley
TrumpetMarvin Stamm
TrumpetRandy Brecker
VocalsJennifer Holliday

Liner Notes

Producer – Michael Jackson (Track 1)
Producer – George Tobin (Tracks 2, 7, 9)
Producer – Arthur Baker (Tracks 3, 4, 8)
Producer – Lotti Golden, Richard Scher (Track 4)
Producer – Tommy LiPuma (Tracks 5, 10)
Producer – Andy Goldmark, Bruce Roberts (Track 6)
Co-producer – Gary Henry (Track 3)
Co-producer – Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers (Track 8)
Producer (Executive) – Jennifer Holliday
Arranged By – John Barnes (Track 1)
Arranged By – John Duarte (Tracks 2, 7, 9)
Arranged By – Arthur Baker (Track 3)
Arranged By – Richard Scher (Track 4)
Arranged By – Leon Pendarvis (Track 5)
Arranged By – Andy Goldmark, Bruce Roberts (Track 6)
Arranged By – Ralph Burns (Track 10)
Arranged By (Backing Vocals) – Jennifer Holliday (Track 5)
Arranged By (Strings) – Dale Oehler (Track 10)
Contractor – Benjamin Barratt (Track 1)
Conductor – Ralph Burns (Track 10)
Contractor – Amiel Scharlep (Track 10)
Coordinator – Lawrence Fishman (Tracks 5, 10)
Edited By – The Latin Rascals (Track 4)
Engineer – Bruce Swedien
Engineer – Bruce Swedien (Track 1)
Engineer – Alan Hirshberg (Tracks 2, 7, 9)
Engineer – Howard Lee Wolen (Tracks 2, 9)
Engineer – Jeff Hendrickson (Tracks 5, 10)
Engineer – Bill Smith (Track 7)
Engineer – Alan Meyerson, David Hines, Jay Rifkin, Steven Stanley (Track 6)
Engineer (Second) – Chris Bellman, Matt Forger, Ric Butz (Track 1)
Engineer (Assistant) – Garry Rindfuss, Rob Eaton (Tracks 5, 10)
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Mixed By – George Tobin, Howard Lee Wolen (Track 2)
Mixed By – Jay Mark (Track 3)
Mixed By – Chris Lord Alge (Tracks 4, 8)
Mixed By – Bill Schnee (Tracks 5, 10)
Mixed By – Francois Kevorkian, Ron St Germain (Track 6)
Mixed By – Alan Hirshberg, George Tobin (Track 7)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Dan Garcia, Michael C Ross (Tracks 5, 10)
Recorded By – Andy Wallace (Tracks 3, 4, 8)
Recorded By – Alan Meyerson (Track 4)
Recorded By – Bob Rosa (Track 8)
Recorded By (Strings) – Al Schmitt (Track 10)

Art Direction, Design – Jeri McManus
Logo – Margo Chase
Photography By – Gary Heery

Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Mixed At George Tobin Studios
Mixed At Sigma Sound Studios, New York
Mixed At Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At Shakedown Sound Studios
Recorded At Power Station
Recorded At Unique Recording
Recorded At Capitol Studios
Phonographic Copyright The David Geffen Company
Copyright The David Geffen Company