1984 Krystol – Gettin’ Ready

Gettin’ Ready is the debut album by Krystol, released in 1984 on Epic. The album was re-released in 2016 with 4 bonus tracks.


1  Nobody’s Gonna Get This Lovin’ but You (Pamela Phillips Oland; Racine Sherman; William Zimmerman; Wilmer Raglin) 05:52
2  You’re the One for Me (Kevin Walker; Pamela Phillips Oland; Racine Sherman; Wilmer Raglin) 04:42
3  Same Place, Same Time (Glen Barbee; Leon Sylvers; Pamela Phillips Oland; Tina Scott) 04:21
4  Obsession (Gerry Stober; Tim Bowman) 04:00
5  Don’t Change Your Ways (Barry Sarna; Dee Marie Warren; Karon Floyd; Wardell Potts Jr) 04:40
6  Acrobat (Cliff Wilder; Leon Sylvers; Pamela Phillips Oland) 04:40
7  You Ask Too Much (Daniel Johnson; Keg Johnson; Pat Terry) 03:56
8  When You Move You Lose (Pamela Phillips Oland; Robyrda Stiger; Tina Scott; William Bryant) 05:02
9  After the Dance Is Through (Pamela Phillips Oland; William Zimmerman; Wilmer Raglin) 05:02
10  Information 411 (Karon Floyd; Robyrda Stiger; Tina Scott; William Bryant) 04:30


BassLeon Sylvers
BassRickey Smith
BassKevin Walker
BassWilliam Zimmerman
Bass (synthesizer)William Zimmerman
Bass (synthesizer)William Bryant
Bass (synthesizer)Rickey Smith
DrumsWardell Potts Jr
Drums (programming)Leon Sylvers
Drums (programming)Keg Johnson
Drums (programming)Sigidi Bashir Abdullah
Drums (programming)Wilmer Raglin
Drums (programming)Kevin Walker
Drums (programming)William Zimmerman
Drums (programming)William Bryant
GuitarMarlo Henderson
GuitarEarnest Reed
GuitarChuck Gentry
GuitarHorace Coleman
GuitarPaul Jackson Jr
KeyboardsJoey Gallo
KeyboardsFrank Hamilton
KeyboardsWilliam Zimmerman
KeyboardsKevin Walker
KeyboardsBarry Sarna
KeyboardsWilliam Bryant
KeyboardsBobby Cavenes
KeyboardsVincent Brantley
VocalsTina Scott
VocalsRobyrda Stiger
VocalsKaron Floyd
VocalsDee Marie Warren

Liner Notes

Producer – Leon Sylvers (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10)
Producer – William Zimmerman (Tracks 1, 9)
Producer – Keg Johnson (Tracks 2, 7)
Producer – Joey Gallo (Track 4)
Producer – Wardell Potts Jr (Track 5)
Co-producer – Dana Marshall (Track 5)
Arranged By (Rhythm, Vocals) – William Zimmerman (Track 1)
Arranged By (Rhythm) – Leon Sylvers (Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6)
Arranged By (Rhythm) – Joey Gallo (Track 4)
Arranged By (Rhythm) – Kevin Walker (Track 2)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Leon Sylvers (Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Leon Sylvers, Wilmer Raglin (Track 2)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Dana Marshall, Wardell Potts Jr (Track 5)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Krystol (Track 6)

Art Direction – Tony Lane, Nancy Donald
Photography – Bobby Holland

Recorded At Studio Masters
Recorded At Larrabee Sound Studios
Recorded At Devonshire Studios
Recorded At Mars Studios, Hollywood
Recorded At Artisan Sound Recorders
Phonographic Copyright Sony Music Entertainment
Copyright Funkytowngrooves USA