1997 Soundtrack – Metro

ost-metroMetro is a 1997 American action comedy thriller film which was directed by Thomas Carter, produced by Roger Birnbaum, and starring Eddie Murphy as Scott Roper, a hostage negotiator and inspector for the San Francisco Police Department who immediately seeks revenge against a psychotic jewel thief, Michael Korda (Michael Wincott), who murdered Roper’s best friend, Lt. Sam Baffert (Art Evans). In 1998 the movie was nominated for the Black Film Award for Best Soundtrack by Steve Porcaro and the additional music by James Newton-Howard and John van Tongeren.


1  Main Title (Steve Porcaro) 01:55
2  Jewelry Store Exterior (Steve Porcaro) 01:45
3  First Chase (Steve Porcaro) 02:35
4  Cable Car Chase (Steve Porcaro) 06:17
5  Video Partner (Steve Porcaro) 01:43
6  Stalking Ronnie (Steve Porcaro) 03:10
7  Clarence Attacks (Steve Porcaro) 04:40
8  Pre-Love (Steve Porcaro) 01:46
9  Korda Escapes (Steve Porcaro) 01:48
10  Ronnie’s Gone (Steve Porcaro) 03:11
11  Final Chase (Steve Porcaro) 03:07


BassMike Porcaro
GuitarMike Landau
KeyboardsSteve Porcaro
PercussionEmil Richards

Other Musicians

Orchestra – The Hollywood Studio Symphony

Liner Notes

Producer – Steve Porcaro
Co-producer – Michael Mason
Producer (Executive) – Roger Birnbaum
Consultant – James Newton-Howard
Conductor – Artie Kane
Contractor – Sandy de Crescent
Coordinator – Chuck Choi
Engineer – David Marquette, Leslie Ann Jones, Sue McLean
Mixed By – Robert Fernandez, Bill Schnee
Orchestrated By – Brad Dechter, Frank Bennett, Jeff Atmajian
Recorded By – James Hill, Shawn Murphy, Bill Schnee

Recorded At Sony Scoring Stage
Recorded At Todd-AO Scoring Stage
Copyright Touchstone Pictures Music & Songs Inc
Copyright Disney Enterprises Inc