1970 Soundtrack – Colossus – The Forbin Project

The film is based upon the 1966 science fiction novel Colossus by Dennis Feltham Jones, about an advanced American defense system, named Colossus, becoming sentient. After being handed full control, Colossus’ draconian logic expands on its original nuclear defense directives to assume total control of the world and end all warfare for the good of mankind despite its creators’ orders to stop.

The soundtrack was composed by Michel Colombier. It was re-released in 2018.


1  Main Title (Michel Colombier) 04:03
2  All Systems Go (Michel Colombier) 01:26
3  Set Up Communications (Michel Colombier) 02:14
4  Colossus To Guardian (Michel Colombier) 01:19
5  Guardian To Colossus (Michel Colombier) 00:51
6  A New Language (Michel Colombier) 02:15
7  Missile Launched (Michel Colombier) 03:03
8  Rendezvous In Rome (Michel Colombier) 01:46
9  Goodbye Kupri (Michel Colombier) 03:06
10  Nuclear Blackmail (Michel Colombier) 00:55
11  Under Surveillance (Michel Colombier) 03:54
12  Schedule For Today (Michel Colombier) 01:48
13  Mistress Arrives (Michel Colombier) 01:04
14  Forbin’s Hi-Fi (Michel Colombier) 01:18
15 Peeping Tom (Michel Colombier) 02:35
16  Personal Contact (Michel Colombier) 01:37
17  Missile Realignment (Michel Colombier) 02:16
18  Overload (Michel Colombier) 01:42
19 Dr. Frankenstein (Michel Colombier) 01:10
20 World Control (Michel Colombier) 01:48
21 The Final Word (Michel Colombier) 03:10
22 End Title (Michel Colombier) 00:36
23 Kupri Source (Michel Colombier) 03:07


BassCarol Kaye
GuitarArthur Adams
GuitarBob Bain
PianoMike Lang
PianoRoger Kellaway
SynthesizerPaul Beaver
SaxAnthony Ortega
SaxBud Shank
TromboneBarrett O’hara
TromboneErnie Tack
TromboneFrank Rosolino
TromboneGil Falco
TromboneLou Blackburn
TrumpetJohn Audino
TrumpetFrank Beach
TrumpetGino Bozzacco
TrumpetPaul Hubinon
PercussionDale Anderson
PercussionFrank Capp
PercussionFrank Flynn
PercussionHubert Anderson
PercussionJerry Williams
PercussionJoe Porcaro
PercussionJohn Cyr
PercussionJohn Guerin
PercussionLou Singer
PercussionMilt Holland
PercussionPaul Humphrey
PercussionRalph Collier
PercussionShelly Manne
PercussionVictor Feldman


Bass – Abe Luboff, Arni Egilsson, Joe Mondragon, Milton Kestenbaum, Peter Mercurio
Cello – Armand Kaproff, Edgar Lustgarten, Emmet Sargeant, Frederick Seykora, Justin DiTullio, Raphael Kramer
Viola – Allan Harshman, Dorothy Colton, Joseph DiFiore, Joseph Reilich, Milton Thomas, Myer Bello, Robert Ostrowsky, Virginia Majewski
Violin – Alexander Murray, Ambrose Russo, Anatol Kaminsky, Bernard Kundell, Davida Johnson, Dorothy Wade, Erno Neufeld, George Berres, George Kast, Gerald Vinci, Herman Clebanoff, Hyman Goodman, Irma Neumann, Joseph Stepansky, Madeline Schatz, Marvin Limonick, Nathan Kaproff, Paulo Alencar, Sam Freed, Samuel Cytron, Thelma Beach

Liner Notes

Producer – Michael Matessino
Producer (Assistant) – Frank K. DeWald
Conductor – Michel Colombier
Contractor (Orchestra Manager) – Robert Helfer
Coordinator (Production) – Andy Kalyvas
Coordinator (Project) – Alexia Baum
Copyist – Albert Lisi, Bob Bornstein, Dale McMickle, Jack McTaggart, Jerome Nuzzi
Engineer (Scoring) – Dan Wallin
Mastered By – Michael Matessino
Mixed By – Michael Matessino
Music Librarian – Irwin Coster
Orchestrated By – Michel Colombier
Supervised By – Stanley Wilson
Tracking By – Neil S. Bulk

Art Direction – Dan Goldwasser

Designed At Warm Butter Design
Engineered At Next Generation Audio
Recorded At Universal Recording Studio
Phonographic Copyright Universal Studios
Copyright Universal Studios
Copyright Universal City Studios Inc