1984 Chilliwack – Look In, Look Out

Look In Look Out is the twelfth and, to date, last studio album by the Canadian rock band Chilliwack, released in July 1984. The track “Don’t Stop” achieved modest success as a single.

Chilliwack is a Canadian rock band centered on the singer and guitarist Bill Henderson, which started off with a more Progressive rock sound that incorporated elements of folk, jazz and blues, before moving towards a more straight-ahead hard rock/pop rock sound by the mid-70s. They were active from 1970 to 1988, while Henderson reformed the band in 1997. Their six best-selling songs were “My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)”, “I Believe”, “Whatcha Gonna Do”, “Fly At Night”, “Crazy Talk”, and “Lonesome Mary”. The band’s lineup has changed many times while they have continued to tour across Canada.


1  Gettin’ Better (Bill Henderson; Ashley Mulford) 03:43
2  Run With Me (Bill Henderson; Ashley Mulford) 03:30
3  Are You Really Gonna Walk Out (Bill Henderson; Ashley Mulford) 03:59
4  Don’t Stop (Ashley Mulford; Bill Henderson) 04:01
5  Dream Of You (Bill Henderson) 04:15
6  Got Your In My Mind (Bill Henderson; Ashley Mulford) 03:34
7  Don’t Shoot Me Down (Bill Henderson) 04:17
8  Who’s Winnin’ (Bill Henderson; Jim Vallance) 04:38
9  I’m Comming To You (Bill Henderson; Ashley Mulford; Brian Fawcett) 04:46


BassMo Foster
DrumsSimon Phillips
GuitarAshley Mulford
KeyboardsRichard Gibbs
KeyboardsBill Henderson
PercussionBill Henderson
Background VocalsMark LaFrance
Background VocalsSaffron Henderson
Background VocalsCamille Henderson
Background VocalsDustin Keller
Background VocalsBob Rock
Background VocalsAshley Mulford
VocalsBill Henderson

Other Musicians

4  Don’t Stop

SaxTom Keenlyside

Liner Notes

Producer – Bill Henderson
Mastered By – Mike Reese
Mixed By – Greg Ladanyi, Nico Bolas
Mixed By (Assistant) – Richard Bosworth
Recorded By – Bob Rock
Recorded By (Assistant) – Mike Fraser, Johnny Q

Art Direction , Photography – James O’Mara, Brent Daniels, Peter Bishop

Mastered At The Mastering Lab
Mixed At Record One
Recorded At Little Mountain Sound Co