1976 Patti Dahlstrom – Livin’ It Thru

Livin’ It Thru is the fourth and last album by Patti Dahlstrom, released in 1976 on 20th Century.

Patti Dahlstrom is a singer, songwriter, and teacher. She recorded four albums in the 1970s and co-wrote the Helen Reddy hit “Emotion”. Dahlstrom stopped recording music in the 1970s, citing exhaustion as the reason. Years later in an interview, Russ Regan said he was surprised that her albums hadn’t been more popular. During the 1980s, she continued to write songs and learn photography. Returning to Texas in 1990, she taught songwriting at the Art Institute in Houston and became director of the department. In 2008 she moved to London to pursue a master’s degree in writing. Three years later she moved to San José del Cabo, Mexico. A compilation of her music from the 1970s was released in 2010.


1  He Was A Writer (Molly Ann Leikin; Gloria Sklerov) 03:58
2  One Afternoon (Patti Dahlstrom; Severine Browne) 02:34
3  Lullaby (Steve Eaton) 03:51
4  Magician Of Love (Patti Dahlstrom) 03:29
5  I Remember You (Johnny Mercer; Victor Schertzinger) 02:57
6  Without Love (Patti Dahlstrom; Al Staehely) 03:27
7  Wild Things (Cris Williamson) 03:40
8  Lookin’ For Love (Al Staehely) 03:39
9  Fool’s Gold (Marcia Waldorf; Patti Dahlstrom) 03:27
10  Changing Minds (Larry Knechtel; Patti Dahlstrom) 03:14


MusicianMike Baird
MusicianBen Benay
MusicianGary Coleman
MusicianJack Conrad
MusicianJay Cooper
MusicianMike Deasy
MusicianDaryl Dragon
MusicianDonald Dunn
MusicianBernie Grundman
MusicianDuitch Helmer
MusicianJackie Kelso
MusicianShelly Knechtel
MusicianRuss Regan
MusicianJerry Scheff
MusicianNorman Seeff
MusicianSid Sharp
MusicianBob Siller
MusicianMelissa Tenille
MusicianRoni Tenille
MusicianGary Ulmer

Liner Notes

Producer – Larry Knechtel