Gary Coleman

Gary Lynn Coleman was born in Jeanette, PA in 1936 and moved to California in 1947. He attended H.S. in Alhambra.

After graduating, Gary entered the army where, after six months of basic training at Ft. Ord, he spent a year in Germany in the 5th Infantry Division Band. After returning to Ft. Ord with that band, he served a few more months and was given a discharge to attend L.A. City College.

He transferred to Cal State L.A. where he majored in Music Education and Psychology. While teaching music in the public schools for five years, he played in the L.A. Percussion Ensemble, and performed with chamber ensembles in the Monday evening concert series.

In 1965, Gary was given the opportunity (through Carol Kaye, the noted bassist/guitarist) to enter the recording industry as a percussionist on some projects at Capitol Records. He retired from teaching and continued doing record dates until the late seventies (occasionally doing a movie or TV call.) In the mid 70’s he began a transition into TV work, primarily with Mike Post on all his shows. This lasted from the mid 70s until 1991. Gary continued my studio career working through the nineties on some TV shows and on movie calls, primarily with Jerry Goldsmith. (source)


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