2021 Toto – With A Little Help From My Friends

With A Little Help From My Friends is a live album by the band Toto. It was recorded in 2020 as a livestream and released as a live album/dvd/blueray in 2021.


1  Till The End (David Paich; Joseph Williams) 05:05
2  Hold The Line (David Paich) 04:14
3  Pamela (David Paich; Joseph Williams) 06:10
4  Kingdom Of Desire (Danny Kortchmar) 08:12
5  White Sister (David Paich; Bobby Kimball) 09:26
6  You Are The Flower (Bobby Kimball) 05:14
7  I Won’t Hold You Back (Steve Lukather) 05:35
8  Stop Loving You (David Paich; Steve Lukather) 06:00
9  Band Introductions 03:27
10  Home Of The Brave (David Paich; Steve Lukather; Joseph Williams; Jimmy Webb) 08:05
11  Rosanna (David Paich) 07:05
12  With A Little Help From My Friends (John Lennon; Paul McCartney) 06:10


BassJohn Pierce
DrumsRobert Searight
GuitarSteve Lukather
KeyboardsXavier Taplin
KeyboardsSteve Maggiora
FluteWarren Ham
SaxWarren Ham
VocalsSteve Maggiora
VocalsXavier Taplin
VocalsWarren Ham
VocalsSteve Lukather
VocalsJoseph Williams

Other Musicians

11 Rosanna

KeyboardsDavid Paich
VocalsDavid Paich

12 With A Little Help From My Friends

KeyboardsDavid Paich
VocalsDavid Paich

Liner Notes

Producer – Joseph Williams
Producer (Executive) Documentary – Steve Karas, Ed van Zijl
Producer (Executive) Livestream – Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams, David Paich, Keith Hagan, Steve Karas
Production Manager – Jack Albeck
Production Coordinator – Steve Cohen
Documentary (Director) – John Logsdon

Artwork – Roy Koch
Coverart – Debby Ferguson, Cory Stevens, Bill Kittle