1983 Michel Colombier – Old Fool Back On Earth

Old Fool Back On Earth is an album by French composer, arranger, and conductor Michel Colombier, released in 1983.


1  Old Fool Back On Earth (Michel Colombier) 05:22
2  The God Pan (Michel Colombier) 03:49
3  My Fairy In The Crystal Reeds (And Other Frogs) (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:20
4  Nympheas (Michel Colombier) 04:05
5  Alone? (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:13
6  Angel Of Love (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:53
7  Dolorosa (Michel Colombier) 05:32
8  The Woman (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:17
9  El Solitario (Michel Colombier) 05:22
10  Infinite Human (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 00:47
11  Wish I Could Stay (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:30
12  Nightbird (The Forest) (Michel Colombier) 08:41
13  Nightbird (The City) (Michel Colombier) 06:25
14  Nightbird (The Island) (Michel Colombier) 03:38
15  The Minotaur (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 03:41
16  Nuit Et Solitude (Michel Colombier) 09:52
17  Alone Again (Michel Colombier) 01:33
18  I Call You My Love (Michel Colombier; Kathy Wakefield) 04:05


Guitar Marty Walsh
Piano Michel Colombier
Synthesizer Michel Colombier
Synthesizer Michael Boddicker
Programming Michael Boddicker
Programming Alan Reeves
Sax Ernie Watts
Trombone Bill Reichenbach
Trombone Charlie Loper
Trombone Dick Nash
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trumpet Bobby Findley
Trumpet Chuck Findley
Trumpet Gary Grant
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Woodwinds Ernie Watts
Woodwinds Jackie Kelso
Woodwinds Jim Horn
Woodwinds John Lowe
Woodwinds Larry Williams
Woodwinds Pete Christlieb
Percussion Paulinho Da Costa
Background Vocals Darryl Phinnessee
Background Vocals Edie Lehmann
Background Vocals James Ingram
Background Vocals Lynn Davis
Background Vocals Patti Austin
Background Vocals Phil Perry
Background Vocals Phillip Ingram
Background Vocals Portia Griffin
Background Vocals Rebecca Gahr
Voice Phil Perry
Voice Pauline Wilson
Voice Nanette Workman

Other Musicians

2 The God Pan

DrumsFernando Toussaint

3 My Fairy In The Crystal Reeds (And Other Frogs)

SynthesizerGeorges Rodi
ProgrammingGeorges Rodi

5 Alone?

SynthesizerGeorges Rodi
ProgrammingGeorges Rodi
VoiceAlex Ligertwood

6 Angel Of Love

DrumsChester Thompson

9 El Solitario

DrumsChester Thompson
DrumsFernando Toussaint

11 Wish I Could Stay

DrumsFernando Toussaint
VoiceWayne Anthony

14 Nightbird (The Island)

CongasAlex Acuna
CongasPaulinho Da Costa

15 The Minotaur

DrumsChester Thompson
VoiceAlex Ligertwood

17 Alone Again

SynthesizerGeorges Rodi
ProgrammingGeorges Rodi

18 I Call You My Love

DrumsFernando Toussaint
VoiceWayne Anthony

Liner Notes

Producer – Denny Diante, Michel Colombier
Producer (Associate) – Kathe Wakefield
Producer (Executive – George Butler

Artwork – Jean Michel Folon, Milton Glaser

Orchestra – The London Symphony Orchestra