1983 Soundtrack – The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff is a 1983 American epic historical drama film written and directed by Philip Kaufman. It was adapted from Tom Wolfe’s best-selling 1979 book of the same name about the Navy, Marine and Air Force test pilots who were involved in aeronautical research at Edwards Air Force Base, California, as well as the Mercury Seven, the seven military pilots who were selected to be the astronauts for Project Mercury, the first human spaceflight by the United States. The film was written and directed by Philip Kaufman and stars Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Sam Shepard, Fred Ward, Dennis Quaid and Barbara Hershey. Levon Helm narrates, and plays Air Force test pilot Jack Ridley.

Although an album mix had been prepared by Bill Conti in 1983, the soundtrack album release was cancelled following the film’s disappointing box office. In 1986, Conti conducted a re-recording of selections from the score and from his music for North and South, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and released by Varèse Sarabande. The original soundtrack was released by Varèse Sarabande on September 20, 2013, prepared from the 1983 album mix (as the original masters of the complete score were lost)


1  Breaking the Sound Barrier (Bill Conti) 04:46
2  Mach I (Bill Conti) 01:22
3  Training Hard, Russian Moon (Bill Conti) 02:17
4  Tango (Bill Conti) 02:20
5  Mach II (Bill Conti) 01:57
6  The Eyes of Texas are upon you, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Dixie (Bill Conti) 02:50
7  Yeager and the F104 (Bill Conti) 02:25
8  Light this Candle (Bill Conti) 02:45
9  Glenn’s Flight (Bill Conti) 05:07
10  Daybreak in Space (Bill Conti) 02:47
11  Yeager’s Triumph (Bill Conti) 05:39
12  The Right Stuff (Bill Conti) 03:11



BassArni Egilsson
BassBuell Neidlinger
BassChuck Domanico
BassEdward Meares
BassMilton Kerstenbaum
BassPeter Mercurio
BassRay Siegel
BassRobert Stone
BassScott Harper
BassSteve Edelman
BassSusan Ranney
Drums / PercussionRobert Zimmitti
Drums / PercussionDaniel Greco
Drums / PercussionEmil Radocchia
Drums / PercussionLee Goodall
Drums / PercussionJoe Porcaro
Drums / PercussionKen Watson
Drums / PercussionLarry Bunker
Drums / PercussionPaul Goldfield
Drums / PercussionPeter Limonick
Drums / PercussionSteve Schaeffer
Guitar / MandolinAlbert Lee
Guitar / MandolinDavid Lindley
Guitar / MandolinDennis Budimir
Guitar / MandolinJohn Bilezikjian
Guitar / MandolinJohn Humphrey
Guitar / MandolinRed Rhodes
Guitar / MandolinThumbs Carllile
Guitar / MandolinTim May
Guitar / MandolinTommy Tedesco
Guitar / MandolinEmanuel Sheynkman
Piano / KeyboardsChet Swiatkowski
Piano / KeyboardsGarth Hudson
Piano / KeyboardsIan Underwood
Piano / KeyboardsJohn Berkman
Piano / KeyboardsLincoln Mayorga
Piano / KeyboardsMichael Boddicker
Piano / KeyboardsMike Lang
Piano / KeyboardsMike Melvoin
Piano / KeyboardsPeter Robinson
Piano / KeyboardsRalph Grierson
BassoonDave Riddles
BassoonDan Christlieb
BassoonMichael O’Donovan
BassoonNorman Herzberg
FluteGeraldine Rotella
FluteJim Walker
FluteLouise DiTullio
FluteSara Weisz
FluteSheridon Stokes
FluteSusan Greenberg
French HornArthur Maebe
French HornDavid Duke
French HornGale Robinson
French HornHenry Sigismonti
French HornRichard Perissi
French HornVince DeRosa
OboeArnold Koblentz
OboeBarbara Northcutt
OboeKathleen Robinson
OboeRobert Cowart
Sax / ClarinetAndy Kostelas
Sax / ClarinetBarbara Northcutt
Sax / ClarinetCharles Boito
Sax / ClarinetDominick Fera
Sax / ClarinetErnie Watts
Sax / ClarinetGary Gray
Sax / ClarinetGene Cipriano
Sax / ClarinetJim Kanter
Sax / ClarinetJohn Lowe
Sax / ClarinetJohn Winter
Sax / ClarinetJulian Spear
Sax / ClarinetNancy Loe
Sax / ClarinetPaul Castillo
Sax / ClarinetRalph Williams
Sax / ClarinetRonny Lang
Sax / ClarinetRoy D’Antonio
Sax / ClarinetTom Boyd
Sax / ClarinetVictor Morosco
Sax / ClarinetWilliam Criss
TromboneCharlie Loper
TromboneChauncey Welsch
TromboneDick Nash
TromboneGeorge Roberts
TromboneLew McCreary
TromboneLloyd Ulyate
TromboneLoren Marsteller
TromboneTommy Shepard
TrumpetBobby Findley
TrumpetGraham Young
TrumpetMalcolm McNab
TrumpetNelson Hatt
TrumpetRick Baptiste
TrumpetRobert Divall
TrumpetThomas Stevens
TrumpetTony Terran
TrumpetWarren Luening


Cello – Armand Kaproff, Barry Gold, David Speltz, Dennis Karmazyn, Earl Madison, Jerome Kessler, Judy Perett, Marie Fera, Mary Lane, Nils Oliver, Paula Hochhalter, Robert Adcock, Ron Leonard, Ronald Cooper
Harp – Catherine Gotthoffer, Dorothy Remsen, Gayle Levant, Katie Kirkpatrick
Viola – Allan Harshman, Barbara Thomason, Carole Mukogawa, David Schwartz, Denyse Buffum, Gail Earn, Joel Soultanian, Joseph Reilich, Leonard Selic, Linda Lipsett, Linn Subotnick, Michael Nowak, Milton Thomas, Myra Kestenbaum, Pamela Goldsmith, Robert Ostrowski, Roland Kato
Violin – Alexander Horvath, Alfred Breuning, Anatol Kaminsky, Arkady Shindelman, Arnold Belnick, Bonnie Douglas, Brian Leonard, Clayton Haslop, Connie Kupka, Connie Meyer, Daniel Shindaryov, David Frisina, Dixie Blackstone, Dorothy Wade, Endre Granat, Franklyn D’Antonio, George Kast, Harold Wolf, Harris Goldman, Harry Bluestone, Henry Ferber, Jackie Brand, James Getzoff, Joy Lyle, Leslie Brown, Mari Botnick, Mari Tsumura, Mary Lundquist, Miwako Watanabe, Nathan Ross, Norman Carr, Oscar Chausow, Pam Gates, Paul Shure, Polly Sweeney, Rima Rudina, Ron Clark, Ronald Folsom, Sid Page, Sidney Sharp, Stuart Canin, Tibor Zelig, Vicky Sylvester

Liner Notes

Producer – Bill Conti
Producer (Executive) – Robert Townson
Conductor – Bill Conti
Edited By – Stephen Hope
Mastered By – Erick Labson
Mixed By – Dan Wallin
Orchestra – The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestrated By – Angela Morley, Loree Myers, Richard Hazard

Artwork – Tom Jung

Phonographic Copyright (p) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Copyright (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc