1980 Herbie Hancock – Mr. Hands

Mr. Hands is the twenty-fourth album by Herbie Hancock. It features Jaco Pastorius on the track “4 A.M.,” plus an all-synthesizer track, “Textures,” performed entirely by Hancock. “Shiftless Shuffle” (originally recorded for the Japan-only album Directstep) features all five members of The Headhunters quintet that first appeared on the 1973 album Head Hunters, including the quintet’s original drummer Harvey Mason Sr. This album was the first on which Hancock used a computer, this time an Apple II. He would continue his relationship with Apple Computer for many years.


1  Spiraling Prism (Herbie Hancock) 06:25
2  Calypso (Herbie Hancock) 06:45
3  Just Around The Corner (Freddie Washington; Wah Wah Watson) 07:37
4  4:00 AM (Herbie Hancock) 05:23
5  Shiftless Shuffle (Bill Summers; Paul Jackson; Harvey Mason Sr; Bennie Maupin) 07:10
6  Textures (Herbie Hancock) 06:39



ComputerHerbie Hancock
Drums (Linn)Herbie Hancock
Electric PianoHerbie Hancock
KeyboardsHerbie Hancock
SynthesizerHerbie Hancock
VocoderHerbie Hancock
PianoHerbie Hancock

Other Musicians

1 Spiraling Prism

BassByron Miller
DrumsLeon Chancler
PercussionBill Summers

2 Calypso

BassRon Carter
DrumsTony Williams
PercussionSheila Escovedo

3 Just Around The Corner

BassFreddie Washington
DrumsAlphonse Mouzon
GuitarWah Wah Watson
PercussionSheila Escovedo

4 4:00 AM

BassJaco Pastorius
DrumsHarvey Mason Sr
PercussionBill Summers

5 Shiftless Shuffle

BassPaul Jackson
DrumsHarvey Mason Sr
SaxBennie Maupin
PercussionBill Summers

Liner Notes

Producer – David Rubinson & Friends, Inc, Herbie Hancock
Engineer – Fred Catero, Bob Kovach, Leslie Ann Jones
Engineer (Assistant) – Barbara Issak, Cheryl Ward, Chris Minto, Wayne Lewis, Bob Kovach, Leslie Ann Jones
Engineer (Keyboard) – Bryan Bell, John Vieira
Mixed By – David Rubinson

Illustration – Jane R. Wattenberg
Photography By – Bob Seidemann

Mixed At – The Automatt
Recorded At – The Automatt
Recorded At – Filmways/Heider Recording
Recorded At – The Village Recorder
℗1980 CBS Inc