1987 Jermaine Stewart – Say It Again (US:#27 UK:#7)

“Say It Again” is a song written by Bunny Sigler and Carol Davis. It was originally recorded and released as a single by African-American singer Shawn Christopher in 1983. In 1984, American singer Lou Rawls recorded a version for his album Close Company. In 1985, Rége Burrell released his own version of the song as a single from his album Victim of Emotion. In 1986, American female R&B vocal trio Sinnamon recorded their own version, which was released as a single. The best known version is the 1987 recording by American singer Jermaine Stewart, released as a hit single from his album of the same name.




All InstrumentsAaron Zigman
All InstrumentsJerry Knight
HornsBill Reichenbach
HornsGary Grant
HornsJerry Hey
HornsKim Hutchcroft
Background VocalsDeniece Williams
Background VocalsJames Ingram
Background VocalsJerry Knight
Background VocalsJosie James
Background VocalsMarva King
Background VocalsPam Hutchinson
Background VocalsWanda Hutchinson
VocalsJermaine Stewart

Produced By

Aaron Zigman
Jerry Knight


Walter Bunny Sigler
Carol Davis