1989 Tyler Collins – Girls Nite Out

Girls Nite Out is the first solo album by Tyler Collins, released in 1989 on RCA.

Lisa Tyler Collins (born October 29, 1966) is an American R&B singer and actress.


1  Strut (Carl Crawford; Thomas Lyle) 04:28
2  Girls Nite Out (Darryl Ross; Sheri Byers) 04:36
3  Whatcha Gonna Do (Phillip Gordy) 05:43
4  Love Talk (Darryl Ross) 03:43
5  Give And Take (Donald Robinson; Leah Worley) 05:44
6  I Only Wanted (Susan Pomerantz; Tyler Collins) 04:53
7  Second Chance (Melissa Ritter; Wardell Potts Jr) 04:21
8  Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt (Susan Pomerantz; Wardell Potts Jr; Tyler Collins) 05:02
9  Two In Love (Stevie Wonder) 04:59
10  You And Me (Stevie Wonder) 03:36



1 Strut

All InstrumentsCarl Crawford
All InstrumentsThomas Lyle
Background VocalsRobin Lyle
Background VocalsTiara Le Macks
Background VocalsCarl Crawford
Background VocalsThomas Lyle
VocalsTyler Collins

2 Girls Nite Out

All InstrumentsDarryl Ross
ProgrammingBrad Buxer
Background VocalsCrystal Blake
Background VocalsDionna Brooks-Jackson
Background VocalsElaine Robinson
Background VocalsIndira Tyler
Background VocalsLa Sondra Zarif
Background VocalsMia Bell
Background VocalsSheri Byers
VocalsTyler Collins

3 Whatcha Gonna Do

All InstrumentsPhillip Gordy
Background VocalsThe Emotions
VocalsTyler Collins

4 Love Talk

All InstrumentsDarryl Ross
ProgrammingDavid Bergeaud
Background VocalsElaine Robinson
Background VocalsJulia Tillman Waters
Background VocalsMaxine Willard Waters
RapShock G
VocalsTyler Collins

5 Give And Take

BassSekou Bunch
DrumsRicky Lawson
GuitarRay Fuller
KeyboardsWayne Vaughn
TrumpetRay Brown
PercussionWayne Vaughn
VocalsTyler Collins

6 I Only Wanted

All InstrumentsWardell Potts Jr
SaxWilliam Zimmerman
VocalsTyler Collins

7 Second Chance

BassRickey Smith
All InstrumentsWardell Potts Jr
Background VocalsJoey Diggs
VocalsDelisa Davis
VocalsTyler Collins

8 Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

BassAlec Milstein
GuitarBuzzy Feiten
KeyboardsJeff Lorber
SaxGary Meek
Background VocalsBunny Hull
Background VocalsStephanie Spruill
VocalsTyler Collins

9 Two In Love

All InstrumentsThe Morris Machine
Background VocalsJulie Delgado
Background VocalsSandy Simmons
VocalsTyler Collins

10 You And Me

All InstrumentsStevie Wonder
ProgrammingRobert Arbitier
VocalsGrady Harrell
VocalsTyler Collins

Liner Notes

Producer – Carl Crawford, Thomas Lyle (Track 1)
Producer – Darryl Ross (Tracks 2, 4)
Producer – Phillip Gordy (Track 3)
Producer – Dennis Nelson, Wayne Vaughn (Track 5)
Producer – Wardell Potts (Tracks 6, 7)
Producer – Stevie Wonder (Track 9, 10)
Co-producer– Brad Buxer (Tracks 2, 4)
Co-producer – Tyler Collins (Track 3)
Producer (Assistant) – Sheri Byers (Tracks 2, 4)
Producer (Assistant) – Daryl Godfrey (Track 3)
Producer (Additional)– Larry Robinson (Track 3)
Executive-Producer – Stevie Wonder (Track 10)
Arranged By – Wayne Vaughn (Track 5)
Arranged By – Stevie Wonder (Track 10)
Arranged By (Music, Vocals) – Darryl Ros (Track 2)
Arranged By (Music, Vocals) – Sheri Byers (Track 2)
Arranged By (Backing & Lead Vocals) – Tyler Collins (Track 3)
Arranged By (Additional, Backing & Lead Vocals) – Andre Cleveland (Track 3)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Tyler Collins (Track 5)
Engineer – Norman Whitfield (Track 1)
Engineer – Bernard Matthews, Eddie Delena, Steve Van Arden (Track 2)
Engineer – Bobby Brooks (Tracks 2, 9, 10)
Engineer – Michael Frenke (Track 5)
Engineer – Jim Shiflett, Bob Brown (Track 6)
Engineer – Jeff Lorber (Track 8)
Engineer (Assistant) – Darren Mora, Joe Shay, Ken Paulakovich (Track 2)
Engineer (Assistant) – Steve Van Arden (Track 9)
Engineer (Second) – Rich Travali (Track 10)
Mixed By – Norman Whitfield (Tracks 2, 4)
Mixed By – Bobby Brooks (Tracks 5, 6, 7)
Mixed By – Taavi Mote (Track 8)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Chris Puram (Track 2)
Mixed By (Assistant) – William Rogers (Track 4)
Remix – Larry Robinson (Track 3)
Sound Design – Robert Arbittier (Track 9)

Art Direction, Design – Pietro Alfieri, Ria Lewerke
Photography By – Firooz Zahedi

Mixed At Skip Saylor Recording Studios
Mixed At American Studios
Mixed At Wonderland Studios
Mixed At Enterprise Studios
Mixed At Larrabee Studios
Mixed At The Hit Factory
Recorded At Cliffhanger Studios
Recorded At Track Record, Inc.
Recorded At Mad Hatter Recording Studios
Recorded At Skip Saylor Recording Studios
Recorded At American Studios
Recorded At Summa Music Studios
Recorded At Golden Rush Recorders
Recorded At Milagro Sound
Recorded At Westlake
Recorded At Studio Masters
Recorded At Silverlake Studios
Recorded At Enterprise Studios
Recorded At JHL Studio
Recorded At Wonderland Studios
Recorded At The Hit Factory