2019 Valerie Carter – The Lost Tapes

The Lost Tapes is an album by Valerie Carter, releaed in 2019. The album contains pre-recorded unreleased material and released by Cowboy Angel Records.

Valerie Carter (born Valerie Gail Zakian Carter; February 5, 1953 – March 4, 2017) was an American singer-songwriter.


1  The Blue Side (Intro) (Allee Willis; David Lasley) 0:29
2  Skinny White Pants (Lowell George; Valerie Carter) 3:43
3  Spanish Moon (Lowell George) 3:56
4  Heartache (Ivan Ulz; Lowell George) 3:06
5  Echo My Heart (Donna Weiss; Kathy Kurasch; Lauren Wood) 3:18
6  Baby It\’s You (Barney Williams; Burt Bacharach; Mack David) 3:21
7  My Saving Grace (Barry Coffing; Stephanie Tyrell; Steve Tyrell) 2:41
8  Be Here Now (Valerie Carter) 4:37
9  Somewhere In This World (David Lasley; Marsha Malamet) 3:28
10  La Vida Es Sueño (Will Jennings) 4:53
11  How Can I Say Goodbye (Valerie Carter) 3:22
12  I Got Over It (Prince; Valerie Carter) 3:21
13  Labor Of Love (Michael Gallant; Allee Willis; David Lasley) 3:16
14  The Blue Side (Outro) (Allee Willis; David Lasley) 1:19



BassDavid Hungate
BassBob Glaub
DrumsJeffrey Porcaro
GuitarLowell George
GuitarFred Tackett
GuitarMike Landau
GuitarDavey Johnstone
KeyboardsBill Payne
KeyboardsKathy Kurasch
KeyboardsWill Jennings
KeyboardsMarsha Malamet
KeyboardsMichael Gallant
MusicianArno Lucas
MusicianMarvin Lee
Background VocalsLinda Ronstadt
Background VocalsNicolette Larson
Background VocalsLauren Wood
Background VocalsDavid Lasley
Background VocalsCharlotte Crossley
Background VocalsJoann Harris
Background VocalsMyrna Smith
Background VocalsCarmen Grillo
VocalsValerie Carter

Liner Notes

Producer – Kathy Kurasch
Producer (Executive) – Jan Carter

Artwork – Larry John McNally

Licensed From – Cowboy Angel Records
Manufactured By – Toyokasei