1989 The Jacksons – 2300 Jackson Street (UK:#39)

“2300 Jackson Street” is a 1989 single released by The Jacksons from their album of the same name. It is the only song on the album featuring Michael and Marlon Jackson, as they had left the group before further recording sessions. The song also features two of the Jackson sisters: Rebbie and Janet. “2300 Jackson Street” is about the Jackson family’s childhood home in Gary, Indiana. The track was written and composed by the Jacksons as well as Teddy Riley among others. It peaked on the US Billboard R&B singles chart at number 9.




All (other) InstrumentsTeddy Riley
GuitarPaul Jackson Jr
ProgrammingRhett Lawrence
Background VocalsAustin Brown
Background VocalsAutumn Jackson
Background VocalsBrandi Jackson
Background VocalsBrittany Jackson
Background VocalsJaimy Jackson
Background VocalsJeremy Jackson
Background VocalsJermaine Jackson Jr
Background VocalsJourdyn Jackson
Background VocalsMarlon Jackson Jr
Background VocalsSiggy Jackson
Background VocalsStacee Brown
Background VocalsTJ Jackson
Background VocalsTaj Jackson
Background VocalsTaryll Jackson
Background VocalsValencia Jackson
Background VocalsYashi Brown
VocalsJackie Jackson
VocalsJanet Jackson
VocalsJermaine Jackson
VocalsMarlon Jackson
VocalsMichael Jackson
VocalsRebbie Jackson
VocalsTito Jackson

Produced By

Teddy Riley
Gene Griffin
The Jacksons


The Jacksons
Gene Griffin
Aaron Hall


US:# –