2002 Laura Pausini – From The Inside

From the Inside is Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini‘s English language debut album, issued by Atlantic Records on November 5, 2002. This is her seventh studio album.

Most of the album’s twelve tracks fall in the pop genre. Two of the songs, “Love Comes From The Inside” and “I Do 2 Be” are outside pop. Two songs were first released in Italian and Spanish in former albums: It’s Not Goodbye and Everyday Is A Monday. The latter was originally written in English and adapted later into Italian and Spanish, though it first released in these languages. Important songwriters appear in the credits of the album, such as Andreas Carlsson, K. C. Porter, but above all longtime Madonna’s collaborator Patrick Leonard. The recording company (Atlantic Records) promoted the single Surrender more as a dance song (helped by the several remixes of the song) than a pop song. In this way, Surrender was able to reach No. 1 in the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play. The same happened for the second single If that’s love. In January 2003 the album was released in Europe as well.

Despite all Pausini’s efforts, the album did not get the success she expected in the United States, where it sold 100,000 copies, according to Nielsen-Soundscan. Some blamed what they called an incorrect promotion strategy by Atlantic Records, which promoted it as a dance album. Laura Pausini disliked that choice and asked to meet with Atlantic’s president. She asked to have From the Inside promoted to an adult audience. When Atlantic refused, Pausini threatened to drop the whole plan, but Atlantic still did not respond. Pausini, kept her promise and went back to Italy, leaving From the Inside to the label. The promotion of the album went on in Europe for some months.


1  I Need Love (Johan Ekhé; Kara DioGuardi; Ulf Lindström) 3:55
2  Do I Dare (Carl Sturken; Evan Rogers) 4:03
3  Surrender (Anthony Anderson; Dane Deviller; Sean Hosein; Steven Andrew Smith) 4:01
4  If That’s Love (Andrew Logan; Pam Reswick) 3:33
5  It’s Not Good-Bye (Alfredo Rapetti; Antonio Galbiati; Laura Pausini) 4:38
6  Love Comes From The Inside (Olivia D’Abo; Patrick Leonard) 3:56
7  Every Little Thing You Do (George Teren; Stephanie Bentley) 3:59
8  Every Day Is A Monday (Ali Thomson; Andreas Carlsson) 3:10
9  You Are (Andreas Aleman; Peter Bertilsson) 4:13
10  I Do To Be (Jessica Pilnas; Johan Ekhé; Kara DioGuardi; Ulf Lindström) 3:25
11  Without You (Arnie Roman; Eric Buffat; KC Porter) 4:31
12  Every Little Thing You Do (Piano/Vocal Reprise) (George Teren; Stephanie Bentley) 2:53



1 I Need Love

BassLeland Sklar
DrumsVinnie Colaiuta
GuitarDorian Cheah
ProgrammingDorian Cheah
ProgrammingGuy Roche
Background VocalsWindy Wagner
VocalsLaura Pausini

2 Do I Dare

GuitarCarl Sturken
Background VocalsEvan Rogers
VocalsLaura Pausini

3 Surrender

GuitarJohn Shanks
GuitarAdam Phillips
KeyboardsDan Chase
KeyboardsEric Kupper
KeyboardsMark Taylor
KeyboardsJamie Muhoberac
ProgrammingDan Chase
ProgrammingEric Kupper
ProgrammingMark Taylor
VocalsLaura Pausini

4 If That’s Love

DrumsJimmy Bralower
GuitarRuss DeSalvo
Acoustic GuitarTim Pierce
KeyboardsJeff Bova
KeyboardsPam Reswick
KeyboardsJen Scaturro
Background VocalsAndrew Logan
VocalsLaura Pausini

5 It’s Not Good-Bye

BassNathan East
DrumsJR Robinson
GuitarMike Landau
GuitarRiccardo Galardini
SitarMike Landau
KeyboardsDado Parisini
KeyboardsEric Buffat
KeyboardsJeff Bova
KeyboardsKC Porter
SynthesizerDado Parisini
Background VocalsLori Perry
VocalsLaura Pausini

6 Love Comes From The Inside

BassPaul Bushnell
DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarRusty Anderson
KeyboardsPatrick Leonard
PianoPatrick Leonard
ProgrammingPatrick Leonard
Background VocalsOlivia D’Abo
VocalsLaura Pausini

7 Every Little Thing You Do

BassPaul Bushnell
DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarRusty Anderson
KeyboardsPatrick Leonard
PianoPatrick Leonard
ProgrammingPatrick Leonard
Background VocalsDorian Holley
Background VocalsMarlena Jeter
Background VocalsOlivia D’Abo
VocalsLaura Pausini

8 Every Day Is A Monday

BassLeland Sklar
DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarMike Landau
Acoustic GuitarMike Landau
KeyboardsAli Thomson
KeyboardsAndreas Carlsson
KeyboardsKC Porter
ProgrammingAli Thomson
ProgrammingAndreas Carlsson
ProgrammingKC Porter
Background VocalsDarlene Perry
Background VocalsLisa Abbott
Background VocalsLori Perry
Background VocalsSharon Perry
VocalsLaura Pausini

9 You Are

GuitarMike Landau
ProgrammingCJ Vanston
Background VocalsKristian Barnes
VocalsLaura Pausini

10 I Do To Be

All InstrumentsJohan Ekhé
All InstrumentsUlf Lindström
Background VocalsKara DioGuardi
Background VocalsMaria Diephuis
VocalsLaura Pausini

11 Without You

BassLeland Sklar
DrumsCurt Bisquera
GuitarMike Landau
Acoustic GuitarRamon Stagnaro
KeyboardsKC Porter
Background VocalsElisa Fiorillo
Background VocalsJohnny Britt
Background VocalsLynn Davis
Background VocalsMelody Perry
Background VocalsPhillip Ingram
Background VocalsPhyllis Yvonne Williams
VocalsLaura Pausini

12 Every Little Thing You Do (Piano/Vocal Reprise)

KeyboardsPatrick Leonard
VocalsLaura Pausini


Stockholm Strings ‘n’ Horns (Track 10)

Liner Notes

Producer – Guy Roche (Track 1)
Producer – Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers (Track 2)
Producer – Peter Zizzo, Jimmy Bralower, Pam Reswick, Andrew Logan (Track 4)
Producer – KC Porter (Tracks 5, 8, 9, 11)
Producer – Alfredo Cerruti, Laura Pausini, Dado Parisini (Track 5)
Producer – Patrick Leonard (Tracks 6, 7, 12)
Producer– Johan Oskar Andreas Ekhé, Ulf Peter Lindström, Kara Dioguardi (Track 10)
Producer (Additional) – Jimmy Bralower (Track 5)
Co-producer – Eric Kupper, Mark Taylor, Dan Chase (Track 3)
Co-producer – Andreas Carlsson (Track 8)
Arranged By (Strings) – David Campbell (Tracks 5, 11)
Arranged By (Strings)– Per Ekdal (track 10)
Conductor – David Campbell (Tracks 5, 11)
Conductor – Per Ekdal (track 10)
Edited By – Baraka, Jimmy Bralower (Track 3)
Engineer – Bill Schnee, Dushyant Bhakta (Track 1)
Engineer – Al Hemberger (Track 2)
Engineer – David Shackney (Track 4)
Engineer – David Channing (Tracks 6, 7, 12)
Engineer – Michael C Ross (Track 10)
Engineer (Additional) – KC Porter (Tracks 5, 8, 9, 11)
Engineer (Additional) – Reed Ruddy (Track 5)
Engineer (Additional) – Andy Schlesinger (Track 10)
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Mastered By – Tom Coyne (Tracks 3, 4, 13)
Mastered By – Chris Athens (Track 3)
Mixed By – Rob Chiarelli, Rob Chiarelli (Track 1)
Mixed By – David Cole (Tracks 2, 9)
Mixed By – Brad Gilderman (Track 4)
Mixed By – Mick Guzauski (Tracks 5, 10, 11)
Mixed By – Mike Shipley (Tracks 6, 7, 12)
Mixed By – Bernard Löhr (Track 8)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Chandler Bridges, Pete Novak (Track 1)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Tom Bender (Tracks 5, 10, 11)
Mixed By (Assistant) – Greg Burns (Tracks 6, 7, 12)
Recorded By – Dan Chase (Track 3)
Recorded By – Brian Reeves, Jimmy Bralower, Pam Reswick, Andrew Logan (Track 4)
Recorded By – KC Porter, Luis Quine (Tracks 5, 8, 9, 11)
Recorded By – David Cole, Steve Churchyard (Track 8)
Recorded By – CJ Vanston (Track 9)
Recorded By – Fredrik Andersson (Track 10)
Recorded By – Reed Ruddy, Steve Churchyard (Track 11)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Joe Marlett (Track 2)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Jeff Rothschild (Track 3)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Todd Shoemaker (Tracks 6, 7, 12)

Art Direction – Richard Bates
Design – Allen Hori
Photography By – Sheryl Nields

Record Company – Warner Music Italia Srl
Record Company – AOL Time Warner
Distributed By – Warner Music Canada Ltd
Manufactured By – Warner Music Canada Ltd
Phonographic Copyright (p) – CGD East West
Copyright (c) – Atlantic Recording Corporation
Recorded At – Bananaboat Studios
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – Conway Studios
Recorded At – The Loft Recording Studios
Recorded At – Henson Recording Studios
Recorded At – Hysteria Recording
Recorded At – Metrophonic Studios
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Engineered At – Big Baby Recording
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Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
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