1989 Soundtrack – Sing

Sing is a 1989 American drama film directed by Richard J. Baskin, written by Dean Pitchford (who also co-wrote the songs) and produced by Craig Zadan (both previously collaborated on Footloose), and starring Lorraine Bracco, Peter Dobson, and Jessica Steen.

The film follows a fictional New York City SING! production. The supporting cast includes Louise Lasser, George DiCenzo, Patti LaBelle, Yank Azman, Ingrid Veninger, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sing was released in the United States on March 31, 1989. It received mixed reviews from critics and was a box office bomb, grossing only $2.3 million from an $11.5 million budge


1  Sing (Dean Pitchford; Jonathan Cain; Martin Page) 4:50
2  Birthday Suit (Dean Pitchford; Rhett Lawrence) 4:29
3  Romance (Love Theme From “Sing”) (Dean Pitchford; Patrick Leonard) 4:34
4  You Don’t Have To Ask Me Twice (Dean Pitchford; Tom Snow) 3:37
5  One More Time (Dean Pitchford; Tom Snow) 4:48
6  Somethin’ To Believe In (Dean Pitchford; Desmond Child; Diane Warren) 3:29
7  Total Concentration (Dean Pitchford; Tom Kelly) 3:58
8  (Everybody\’s Gotta) Face The Music (Dean Pitchford; Richard Marx) 4:11
8  What’s The Matter With Love? (Dean Pitchford; Tom Snow) 3:59
8  We’ll Never Say Goodbye (Dean Pitchford; Tom Snow) 2:59


1 Sing

Bass Peter Wolf
Drums Mike Baird
Guitar Vivian Campbell
Guitar Peter Maunu
Keyboards Peter Wolf
Background Vocals Siedah Garrett
Background Vocals Maxine Anderson
Background Vocals Phyllis St. James
Background Vocals Phillip Ingram
Background Vocals Darryl Phinnessee
Vocals Mickey Thomas

2 Birthday Suit

Drums Rhett Lawrence
Guitar David Williams
Sax Larry Williams
Percussion Luis Conte
Background Vocals Kenny Harris
Background Vocals Darren Austin
Vocals Johnny Kemp

3 Romance (Love Theme From “Sing”)

Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Bruce Gaitsch
Guitar Duane Sciacqua
Synthesizer Patrick Leonard
Synthesizer David Wolinski
Percussion Lenny Castro
Background Vocals Marilyn Martin
Background Vocals Donna DeLory
Vocals Paul Carrack
Vocals Terri Nunn

4 You Don’t Have To Ask Me Twice

Bass Jeff Lorber
Drums Jeff Lorber
Drums (programming) Paul Jackson Jr
Drums (programming) Dennis Lambert
Guitar Paul Jackson Jr
Programming Paul Jackson Jr
Programming Dennis Lambert
Percussion Jeff Lorber
Background Vocals Jean McClain
Vocals Nia Peeples

5 One More Time

Drums Michael Omartian
Guitar Dann Huff
Keyboards Michael Omartian
Flute Judd Miller
Percussion Alex Acuna
Background Vocals Tom Snow
Background Vocals Lynn Davis
Vocals Michael Bolton

6 Somethin’ To Believe In

Bass Hugh McDonald
Drums Bobby Chouinard
Guitar John McCurry
Keyboards Charlie Roth
Background Vocals Louis Merlino
Background Vocals Myriam Valle
Background Vocals Jon Fiore
Vocals Bill Champlin

7 Total Concentration

Guitar Dann Huff
Keyboards Brad Cole
Background Vocals Jeanette Hawes
Background Vocals Wanda Vaughn
Background Vocals Pamela Hutchinson
Background Vocals Jimmy Demers
Background Vocals Jeff Pescetto
Background Vocals Dee Dee Bellson
Vocals Patti LaBelle

8 (Everybody’s Gotta) Face The Music

Bass Randy Jackson
Drums Mike Baird
Guitar Bruce Gaitsch
Keyboards CJ Vanston
Background Vocals Tommy Funderburk
Background Vocals Richard Marx
Vocals Kevin Cronin

9 What’s The Matter With Love?

Drums JR Robinson
Guitar Paul Jackson Jr
Keyboards Claude Gaudette
Sax Dave Boruff
Background Vocals Jean McClain
Background Vocals Clydene Jackson
Vocals Laurnea Wilkinson

10 We’ll Never Say Goodbye

Piano Bill Elliot
Synthesizer Bill Elliot
Background Vocals Stephen Bishop
Background Vocals Mary Hylan
Vocals Art Garfunkel

Liner Notes

Producer – Peter Wolf (Track 1)
Producer – Rhett Lawrence (Track 2)
Producer – Patrick Leonard, David Wolinski (Track 3)
Producer – Dennis Lambert (Track 4)
Producer – Michael Omartian (Track 5)
Producer – Desmond Child (Track 6)
Producer – Peter Bunetta, Rick Chudacoff (Track 7)
Producer – Richard Marx, Bruce Gaitsch (Track 8)
Producer – Tom Snow (Track 9)
Producer (Executive) – Dean Pitchford, Craig Zadan

Mastered At Grundman Mastering LA
Mixed At Schnee Studio, LA
Mixed At The Grey Room, LA
Mixed At Devonshire, North Hollywood
Mixed At Can-Am, Tarzana, CA
Recorded At 41B Studio, Thousand Oaks, CA
Recorded At Rock This House, LA
Recorded At Johnny Yuma, Burbank
Recorded At Devonshire, North Hollywood
Recorded At Take One Recording Studios, Burbank
Recorded At Summa Recording, West Hollywood, CA
Recorded At Bearsville Sound Studios, Bearsville, NY
Recorded At Right Track Studio, NYC, NY
Recorded At Cherokee Studios, LA