2019 Toto – 40 Tours Around The Sun

40 Tours Around The Sun is a live album by the band Toto, released in 2018/2019. It was recorded in Amsterdam on March 17, 2018.

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1  Intro (Steve Porcaro)
2  Alone (Steve Lukather; Steve Porcaro; David Paich; Joseph Williams)
3  Hold The Line (David Paich)
4  Lovers In The Night (David Paich)
5  Spanish Sea (David Paich; Steve Porcaro; Steve Lukather; Joseph Williams)
6  I Will Remember (Steve Lukather; Stan Lynch)
7  English Eyes (Steve Porcaro; Jeffrey Porcaro; David Paich; Bobby Kimball)
8  Jake To The Bone (Steve Lukather; Jeffrey Porcaro; Mike Porcaro; David Paich)
9  Lea (Steve Porcaro)
10  Rosanna (David Paich)
11  Miss Sun (David Paich)
12  Georgy Porgy (David Paich)
13  Human Nature (Steve Porcaro; John Bettis)
14  Holyanna (Jeffrey Porcaro; David Paich)
15  No Love (Steve Lukather; David Paich; Randy Goodrum)
16  Mushanga (Jeffrey Porcaro; David Paich)
17  Stop Loving You (Steve Lukather; David Paich)
18  Girl Goodbye (David Paich)
19  Angela (David Paich)
20  Lion (David Paich; Bobby Kimball)
21  Dune (Desert Theme) (David Paich; Mike Porcaro; Jeffrey Porcaro; Steve Lukather; Steve Porcaro)
22  While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison)
23  Stranger In Town (Jeffrey Porcaro; David Paich)
24  Make Believe (David Paich)
25  Africa (Jeffrey Porcaro; David Paich)
26  The Road Goes On (Steve Lukather; David Paich; Glen Ballard)



Bass Shem von Schroeck
Drums Shannon Forrest
Guitar Steve Lukather
Keyboards David Paich
Keyboards Steve Porcaro
Harmonica Warren Ham
Flute Warren Ham
Sax Warren Ham
Percussion Lenny Castro
Background Vocals Warren Ham
Background Vocals Shem von Schroeck
Vocals Steve Lukather
Vocals David Paich
Vocals Joseph Williams

Liner Notes

Producer – Jeremy Azis
Producer (Executive) – Toto, Steve Karas
Producer (Executive Eagle Rock) – Geoff Kempin, Terry Shand
Producer (Supervising) – Peter Worsley
Producer (Supervising Eagle Rock) – Rob Gill
Production Manager – Melissa Morton Hicks
Production Manager (Eagle Rock) – Claire Higgins
Production Assistant (Eagle Rock) – Aaron Kelly
Production Coordinator (Eagle Rock) – Mark Fossit, Natalia Garay
Project Manager (Eagle Rock) – Sean McEneely
Audio Record – Will Shapland
Audio Assistant – Chris Goddard
Creative Manager (Eagle Rock) – Claire Higgins
Directed By – Nigel Dick
Director (Photography) – Eugene O\’Connor
Editor – Eddi Ackit
Editor (Associate) – Robin Parsons
Editor (On-Line) – Brian Ainsworth
Editor (Audio) – Joseph Williams, Weston Wilson, Bob Clearmountain
Editor (Digital Audio) – Sergio Ruelas
Mixed By – Joseph Williams, Weston Wilson, Bob Clearmountain
Mixed By (Assistant) – Sergio Ruelas

Design – James McAllister
Photography – Fabrice Demessence

Phonographic Copyright Toto Live Inc
Copyright Toto Live Inc

Tour Crew
Production Manager – Jack Albeck
Tour Manager – Kirsten Baumeister
FOH Manager – Ken Freeman
Monitor Engineer – Patrick Krause
Lighting Director – Stephen Duros
Assistant (David Paich) – Steve Cohen
Drum Tech – Robbie Cope
Guitar/Bass Tech – Adam Booth
Keyboard Tech – Jordan Rippe