1967 Harpers Bizarre – Anything Goes

Anything Goes is an album by Harpers Bizarre, released in 1967.

Two bonus tracks were added to the 2001 CD issue of this title: the 45 version of “Cotton Candy Sandman” by Kenny Rankin, and the theme to the TV series Malibu U by Don and Dick Addrisi.

The title track was used in the opening montage of the 1970 film The Boys in the Band.


1   This Is Only the Beginning (Harold Arlen; Ted Koehler) 1:45
2  Anything Goes (Cole Porter) 2:03
3  Two Little Babes in the Wood (Cole Porter) 3:48
4  The Biggest Night of Her Life (Randy Newman) 2:28
5  Pocketful of Miracles (Jimmy Van Heusen; Sammy Cahn) 2:50
6  Snow (Randy Newman) 2:42
7  Chattanooga Choo Choo (Harry Warren; Mack Gordon) 2:38
8  Hey, You in the Crowd (Dick Scoppettone; Ted Templeman) 2:25
9  Louisiana Man (Doug Kershaw) 2:37
10  Milord (Georges Moustaki; Marguerite Monnot) 3:07
11  Virginia City (Dick Scoppettone; Ted Templeman) 2:11
12  Jessie (James Griffin; Mack Gordon) 3:48
13  You Need a Change (David Blue) 2:43
14  High Coin (Van Dyke Parks) 2:41
15  Cotton Candy Sandman (Sandman\’s Coming) (Kenny Rankin) 2:54
16  Malibu U. (Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi) 2:16



BassDon Bagley
BassCarol Kaye
BassAlfred McKibbon
BassRay Pohlman
BassLyle Ritz
BassBob West
DrumsHal Blaine
DrumsJim Gordon
DrumsJohn Guerin
DrumsJoe Porcaro
GuitarDennis Budimir
GuitarJames Burton
GuitarGlen Campbell
GuitarMike Deasy
GuitarAl Casey
GuitarRon Elliott
GuitarDonnie Lanier
GuitarLouis Morell
GuitarTommy Tedesco
BanjoDoug Dillard
MandolinDoug Dillard
KeyboardsGene Garf
KeyboardsMike Melvoin
KeyboardsVan Dyke Parks
KeyboardsMichel Rubini
PianoGene Garf
PianoMike Melvoin
PianoVan Dyke Parks
PianoMichel Rubini
CelloDouglas Davis
CelloJustin DiTullio
CelloJesse Ehrlich
CelloDavid Filerman
CelloAnne Goodman
HarpGayle Levant
ViolinIsrael Baker
ViolinCharles Berghofer
ViolinHarry Bluestone
ViolinSamuel Boghossian
ViolinBobby Bruce
ViolinJoseph DiFiore
ViolinJames Getzoff
ViolinAllan Harshman
ViolinHarry Hyams
ViolinGeorge Kast
ViolinBernard Kundell
ViolinWilliam Kurasch
ViolinNeil Levang
ViolinVirginia Majewski
ViolinLeonard Malarsky
ViolinAlex Murray
ViolinGeorge Poole
ViolinJoseph Saxon
ViolinRalph Schaeffer
ViolinSid Sharp
ViolinPaul Shure
FluteGene Cipriano
FluteCharles Gentry
FluteWilliam Green
FluteNorman Herzberg
FluteJim Horn
FlutePlas Johnson
FluteJay Migliori
FluteSidney Miller
FluteTed Nash
FluteAnthony Ortega
FluteBud Shank
FluteHoward Terry
HornJames Decker
HornDavid Duke
SaxGene Cipriano
SaxCharles Gentry
SaxWilliam Green
SaxNorman Herzberg
SaxJim Horn
SaxPlas Johnson
SaxJay Migliori
SaxSidney Miller
SaxTed Nash
SaxAnthony Ortega
SaxBud Shank
SaxHoward Terry
TromboneDick Hyde
TromboneKenny Schroyer
TromboneSinclair Lott
TromboneLew McCreary
TrumpetRoy Caton
TrumpetVirgil Evans
TrumpetCarroll Lewis
TrumpetOllie Mitchell
TrumpetTony Terran
WoodwindsGene Cipriano
WoodwindsCharles Gentry
WoodwindsWilliam Green
WoodwindsNorman Herzberg
WoodwindsJim Horn
WoodwindsPlas Johnson
WoodwindsJay Migliori
WoodwindsSidney Miller
WoodwindsTed Nash
WoodwindsAnthony Ortega
WoodwindsBud Shank
WoodwindsHoward Terry
PercussionEddie Brackett
PercussionVictor Feldman
PercussionMilt Holland
PercussionNorm Jeffries
PercussionEmil Richards
PercussionCharles Shoemake
PercussionKenny Watson
PercussionJerry Williams

Liner Notes

Producer – Lenny Waronker
Arranged By (Vocals) – Dick Scoppettone, Ted Templeman
Engineer – Ami Hadani, Eddie Brackett, Joe Sidore, Lee Herschberg, Mike Shields
Mastered By – Bob Irwin
Remix, Edited By – Lee Herschberg

Art Direction – Ed Thrasher

Phonographic Copyright (p) – Warner Bros. Records
Licensed From – Warner Bros. Records
Manufactured By – Rhino Entertainment Company
Copyright (c) – Sundazed Music