1994 Jeff Danna – Kung Fu – The Legend Continues

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is an American-Canadian action/crime drama series and sequel to the original 1972–1975 television series Kung Fu. While the original Kung Fu series was set in the American old west, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was set in modern times. It starred David Carradine and Chris Potter as a father and son trained in kung fu – Carradine playing a Shaolin monk, Potter a police detective. The series aired in syndication for four seasons from January 27, 1993 to January 1, 1997, and was broadcast in over 70 countries. Filming took place in Toronto, Ontario. Reruns of the show have been aired on TNT.

The show was canceled when its producer, Prime Time Entertainment Network (also known as PTEN), ceased operations and no other producer opted to continue the series.

The music was composed by Jeff Danna.


1  From Out of the Past (Jeff Danna) 1:00
2  Theme from Kung Fu (Jeff Danna) 2:22
3  A Place of Light and Song (Jeff Danna, John Stuart Dick) 4:29
4  The Promise (Jeff Danna, John Stuart Dick) 5:24
5  The Longest Night (Jeff Danna) 2:21
6  Omeishan (Jeff Danna) 1:24
7  Reunion (Jeff Danna) 3:59
8  A Yellow Flower in Her Hair (Jeff Danna) 1:48
9  The Tomb/Searching for Tan (Jeff Danna) 5:07
10  Dragon’s Eye (Jeff Danna) 5:09
11  Posse (Jeff Danna) 4:03
12  Father and Son (Jeff Danna) 3:31
13  Emperor (Jeff Danna, John Stuart Dick) 5:47



BassMike Porcaro
GuitarJeff Danna
PipaYu Lui
KeyboardsJeff Danna
TrumpetRick Baptiste
BawuYi Cheng Zhang
DziYi Cheng Zhang
ShengXue Hong Yu
XiaoYi Cheng Zhang
XunYi Cheng Zhang
PercussionJeff Danna
VocalsHwa-Chee Han
VocalsDeforest Kirkwood

Liner Notes

Producer – Jeff Danna
Production Consultant – Mychael Danna, David Greene, Brian Miller, Luis Quine
Engineer – Brad Haehnel, Luis Quine
Mastered By – Chris Bellman
Mixed By – Brad Haehnel

Design – Connie Gage, Eric Lindert, Wesley Van Linda