1993 Rob Mullins Band – One Night In Houston

One Night In Houston is an album by the Rob Mullins Band, released in 1993

For more information, please visit Rob Mullins’ website: http://planetmullins.com/


1  Polka Dot Dress (Rob Mullins) 6:48
2  Very Blue (Rob Mullins) 7:07
3  Quick! Call the Note Police (Rob Mullins) 7:07
4  The Jazz Man (for Mingus) (Rob Mullins) 5:21
5  One Night in Houston (Rob Mullins) 7:21
6  Plus Three (Rob Mullins) 5:42
7  Quiet Fire (Rob Mullins) 7:51
8  Holiday (Rob Mullins) 3:04



Bass Larry Kimpel
Drums Leon Chancler
Keyboards Rob Mullins
Piano Rob Mullins
Sax Wilton Felder

Liner Notes

Producer – Joe Harley
Co-Producer – Rob Mullins
Engineer (Assistant) – Mark Guilbeault
Mastered by – Bernie Grundman
Recorded by – Allen Sides, Michael C Ross

Art Direction, Design – Hillary Weiss, Merlin Clarke
Cover, Photography – Joseph D’Alessio

Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood CA
Audioquest Music