2018 Michael Kratz ‎– Live Your Life

Live Your Life is an album by Michael Kratz, released in 2018. For more information about this project, please read the interview with sessiondays a few years ago, it was taken at the start of making this album:



1  We All Live in This Nation (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 5:25
2  Live Your Life (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:36
3  This Town Is Lost Without You (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg, Bjarne Langhoff) 4:03
4  What Did I…? (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:43
5  Never Take Us Alive (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 3:50
6  Game of Love (Over and Over) (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 3:41
7  Lying (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:10
8  Paradise Lost (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:01
9  Shade (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 3:44
10  Bye Bye (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:00
11  Dying Young (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 4:51
12  In Between (Michael Kratz, Kasper Viinberg) 6:33



BassKasper Viinberg
DrumsKasper Viinberg
GuitarMichael Kratz
GuitarKasper Viinberg
Hammond OrganDavid Garfield
KeyboardsAlessandro Del Vecchio
KeyboardsDavid Garfield
ProgrammingKasper Viinberg
Background VocalsKasper Viinberg
VocalsMichael Kratz
PercussionKasper Viinberg

Other Musicians

1 We All Live in This Nation

BassMikkel Risum
Guitar (solo)Mike Landau
PianoDavid Garfield
Background VocalsOle Viinberg
Background VocalsIda Lohmann

2 Live Your Life

Background VocalsOle Viinberg

3 This Town Is Lost Without You

Guitar (solo)Steve Lukather
PianoDavid Garfield
Background VocalsOle Kibsgaard
Background VocalsOle Viinberg
PercussionKenneth Bremer

4 What Did I…?

GuitarDom Brown
Background VocalsOle Viinberg

5 Never Take Us Alive

GuitarDom Brown
Background VocalsOle Viinberg

6 Game of Love (Over and Over)

DrumsMichael Kratz

7 Lying

AccordionKasper Viinberg

8 Paradise Lost

GuitarChristian Warburg

11 Dying Young

GuitarChristian Warburg

12 In Between

GuitarChristian Warburg
Hammond OrganAlessandro Del Vecchio

Liner Notes

Producer – Kasper Viinberg
Arranger – Kasper Viinberg, Michael Kratz
Mixed By – Kasper Viinberg
Mastered By – Kasper Viinberg, Jan Eliasson

Cover concept, Logo – Michael Kratz
Graphics, Design -Antonella Astori
Photography – Anita Odfeldt

Mastered at Audio Planet