1969 David Ackles – Subway To The Country

Subway To The Country is the second album of American singer-songwriter David Ackles.


1  Main Line Saloon (David Ackles) 3:39
2  That\’s No Reason To Cry (David Ackles) 3:17
3  Candy Man (David Ackles) 4:18
4  Out On The Road (David Ackles) 6:23
5  Cabin On The Mountain (David Ackles) 3:32
6  Woman River (David Ackles) 4:52
7  Inmates Of The Institution (David Ackles) 4:31
8  Subway To The Country (David Ackles) 3:18


Bass Meyer Mike Rubin
Drums Jim Gordon
Guitar Louie Shelton
Guitar Doug Hastings
Guitar Lonnie Mack
Keyboards Larry Knechtel
Keyboards Don Gallucci
Keyboards Fred Myrow
Flute Sheridon Stokes
Sax Jim Horn
Sax Bud Shank
Sax William Green
Sax William Ulyate
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trumpet John Audino
Trumpet Ollie Mitchell
Trumpet Ray Tiscari
Trumpet Tony Terran
Strings Gordon Marron
Percussion Victor Feldman
Percussion Gary Coleman
Percussion Craig Woodson
Vocals David Ackles

Liner Notes

Producer – Russ Miller
Arranged By – Fred Myrow
Conductor – Fred Myrow
Engineer – Bruce Botnick
Engineer (Assistant) – Fritz Richmond

Art Direction, Design – William S Harveya
Photography – Frank Bez

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