1999 Soundtrack – Wayward Son

Wayward Son is a 1999 American drama film about justice and redemption in rural Georgia during the Great Depression, starring Harry Connick, Jr. and Pete Postlethwaite.

The movie tells the story of a southern man, Jesse Banks Rhodes (Harry Connick, Jr.), who is released from a prison work camp in Louisiana, 1936, after being wrongly imprisoned for eleven years. He heads back to Georgia, only to find that most people are keen to keep him down. He begins working for a plantation owner (Walton Goggins) and rents a shed from a farmer (Pete Postlethwaite) with two daughters (Patricia Clarkson and Vinessa Shaw). After witnessing the murder of a black worker at the hands of a drunken white racist boss, Jesse is forced to prove his innocence, so injustice will not happen again.

The soundtrack was composed by James Newton-Howard and Steve Porcaro. The soundtrack was not officially released.