1993 Soundtrack – Last Light

Last Light is a 1993 film starring Forest Whitaker, Kiefer Sutherland and Clancy Brown. It was Sutherland’s directorial debut.

The film is about a prisoner awaiting execution. Denver Bayliss (Kiefer Sutherland) gains an unlikely friend and confidant in Fred Whitmore (Forest Whitaker), a former cop who is now a prison guard. Whitmore’s life is a mess, however: he shuts out his wife and cannot relate to his son. As Bayliss’ execution draws nearer, Whitmore clashes more and more with Lt. McMannis (Clancy Brown), his supervisor, over Bayliss’ treatment. Bayliss gives Whitmore a new understanding of life by helping him come to terms with a traumatic past, and Whitmore helps Bayliss to make his peace with himself and the world.

The soundtrack contains songs from Jude Cole and were released on two albums: A View From 3rd Street (Heart Of Blues) and Start The Car (Open Road).

The soundtrack was not officially released.


Music ProducerJude Cole 
Music ProducerSteve Porcaro 
Music RecordistMarc Greene 
Second Music EngineerJames McIlvery 
Music MixerRoss Pallone 
Music EditorAllan K. Rosen