1980 Black Russian – Black Russian

Black Russian is a pop band from the early 1980s. The Black Russian was a trio of Soviets, Serge Kapustin, Natasha Kapustin and Vladimir Shneider, who had only one big and resounding popular success (even in Brazil), Leave Me Now.  Other titles in the band are: Move Together, Life Is Too Short, Emptiness, New York City and Mystified, which all came out on Motown Records.


1  Move Together (Natasha Kapustin, Serge Kapustin, Vladimir Shneider, Beth Forer, Ed Whiting) 5:27
2  Cause I Love You (Serge Kapustin) 4:35
3  Love’s Enough (Serge Kapustin, Nan O’Byrne) 3:34
4  Leave Me Now (Natasha Kapustin, Serge Kapustin, Allee Willis) 4:15
5  Mystified (Serge Kapustin, Nan O’Byrne) 4:53
6  New York City (Serge Kapustin, Vladimir Shneider, Nan O’Byrne) 4:53
7  Life Is Too Short (Natasha Kapustin, Serge Kapustin, Nan O’Byrne) 4:14
8  Emptiness (Serge Kapustin, Ed Whiting) 6:03



Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums Ed Greene
Drums Ollie E. Brown
Drums Steve Schaeffer
Drums Willie Ornelas
Guitar Mike Dosco
Guitar Mitch Holder
Guitar Serge Kapustin
Acoustic Guitar Mike Dosco
Keyboards Natasha Kapustin
Keyboards Vladimir Shneider
Keyboards Bradley Cole
Synthesizer Natasha Kapustin
Synthesizer Serge Kapustin

Liner Notes

Producer – Natasha Kapustin, Serge Kapustin, Vladimir Shneider
Co-producer – Guy Costa
Arranged By – Natasha Kapustin, Serge Kapustin, Vladimir Shneider
Engineer – Bobby Brooks, Guy Costa, Hitsville Team
Mastered By – John Matousek

Artwork By (Cover Design) – Black Russian
Photography – Jean Radnetter

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Motown/Hitsville U.S.A. Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA