2000 Alabama – When It All Goes South

When It All Goes South is the nineteenth studio album of country music band Alabama, released in 2001. It produced the singles “When It All Goes South”, “Will You Marry Me” and “The Woman He Loves”. It was their final studio album for the RCA label.


1 When It All Goes South (Rick Carnes, Janis Carnes, John Jarvis) 6:57
2 The Woman He Loves (Troy Seals, Eddie Setser) 3:55
3 Clear Across America Tonight (Randy Owen, Tedd Gentry, Ronnie Rogers, Greg Fowler) 3:22
4 Will You Marry Me (Jeffrey Steele, Al Anderson) 3:16
5 I Can’t Hide My Heart (Randy Owen, Tedd Gentry, Ronnie Rogers, Greg Fowler) 3:10
6 I Can’t Love You Any Less (Randy Owen, Tedd Gentry, Ronnie Rogers, Greg Fowler) 3:38
7 Reinvent The Wheel (Walt Aldridge, Brad Crisle) 3:29
8 I Write A Little (Dedicated To U. S. Military Personel) (Jeff Cook, Randy Owen, Ronnie Rogers) 4:16
9 Down This Road (Michael Dulaney, Michael Lunn) 3:24
10 Love Remains (Randy Goodrum, Rob Mathes) 4:34
11 Start Living (Steven Dale Jones) 4:17
12 Simple As That (Chapin Hartford) 3:45
13 You Only Paint The Picture Once (Randy Owen, Tedd Gentry, Ronnie Rogers, Greg Fowler) 3:33
14 Wonderful Waste Of Time (Jeff Cook, Lisa Cook, Rocko Heermance) 3:19
15 Right Where I Am (Randy Owen, Tedd Gentry, Ronnie Rogers, Greg Fowler) 4:34


Bass Bob Wray
Bass Glenn Worf
Bass Jimmie Lee Sloas
Bass Michael Rhodes
Bass Tedd Gentry
Drums Shannon Forrest
Drums Greg Morrow
Drums Chris McHugh
Drums Eddie Bayers
Drums James Stroud
Guitar Brent Mason
Guitar Jeff King
Guitar Michael Severs
Guitar Steve Gibson
Guitar Don Srygley
Guitar Brent Rowan
Guitar Larry Hanson
Guitar Jeff Cook
Guitar Josh Leo
Guitar Larry Byrom
Acoustic Guitar Mac McAnally
Acoustic Guitar Mark Casstevens
Acoustic Guitar Michael Spriggs
Acoustic Guitar Biff Watson
Acoustic Guitar Josh Leo
Acoustic Guitar Larry Byrom
Steel Guitar Dan Dugmore
Steel Guitar Paul Franklin
Steel Guitar Scotty Sanders
Bouzouki Biff Watson
Mandolin Larry Franklin
Mandolin Rick Hall
Sitar Brent Rowan
Keyboards Dean Pastin
Keyboards Christopher Walters
Keyboards John Jarvis
Keyboards Rick Carnes
Keyboards Tim Akers
Keyboards John Hobbs
Keyboards Dennis Burnside
Keyboards Michael Omartian
Keyboards Bob Patin
Keyboards Steve Nathan
Piano Dennis Burnside
Piano John Hobbs
Piano Michael Omartian
Piano Bob Patin
Piano Steve Nathan
Piano Jimmy Nichols
Synthesizer Bob Patin
Synthesizer Steve Nathan
Synthesizer Jimmy Nichols
Synthesizer Brian Stewart
Harmonica Dean Pastin
Harmonica Terry McMillan
Flute Bob Patin
Sax Larry Hanson
Sax Dean Pastin
Sax Floyd Newman
Sax James Nelson
Sax Jim Horn
Sax Andrew Love
Sax Harvey Thompson
Trumpet Wayne Jackson
Fiddle Larry Franklin
Strings Brian Stewart
Percussion Shannon Forrest
Percussion Greg Morrow
Percussion Don Srygley
Percussion Terry McMillan
Percussion Rick Hall
Percussion Tom Roady
Vocals Tedd Gentry
Vocals Jeff Cook
Vocals Randy Owen

Other Musicians

4 Will You Marry Me

Vocals Jann Arden

8 I Write A Little (Dedicated To U. S. Military Personel)

Voice Adrian Michaels
Voice Chris DeCarlo
Voice Dan Nelson
Voice Darcy Miller
Voice Greg Fowler
Voice Keith Gale
Voice Mike Siris
Voice Mike Wilson

10 Love Remains

Vocals Christopher Cross

Liner Notes

Producer – Alabama (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
Producer – Don Cook (Tracks 1, 8, 12, 14)
Producer – Josh Leo, Michael Lee (Tracks 3, 6, 15)
Producer – James Stroud (Tracks 4, 5, 13)
Producer – Rick Hall (Tracks 7, 9, 11)
Producer – Michael Omartian, Teddy Gentry (Track 10)
Producer – Teddy Gentry, Randy Owen (Track 2)

Art Direction – Mary Hamilton
Design – Luke Hamilton, The CIAgency
Photography – Peter Nash