1973 The Partridge Family – Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board (Bell Records Catalog number: Bell #1137) was the last studio album recorded by The Partridge Family and originally released by Bell Records. The album was recorded between July and September 1973 and released in October 1973. Bulletin Board was the first Partridge Family album to fail to chart on the Billboard 200 album chart. “Looking For A Good Time” b/w “Money Money” was released as a single in November 1973 (Bell Records Catalog number: Bell 45-414), but failed to chart. This was the last regular U.S. Partridge Family single.

The album cover featured a hand-written track listing pinned to a bulletin board, as well as a “family” photograph and a memo detailing the show’s new Saturday night time slot. According to the liner notes for the CD release, the album cover was created within only a few hours due to time constraints. While Wes Farrell is credited as producer on the album, it was, in fact, produced and arranged by John Bahler, a member of 60s pop band The Love Generation and, later, the Ron Hicklin Singers, who provided backing vocals on all the Partridge Family albums. Bulletin Board is the only Partridge Family album recorded in a studio different from the preceding albums (which had all been recorded at Western Recorders (Studio 2) Los Angeles).

Reviewer Dave Thompson of AllMusic gave the album a rating of three stars out of five, claiming it was more representative of David Cassidy’s solo material than the usual Partridge Family album: “the performances all lean a lot closer towards the Cassidy solo ideal — soft ballads, tight rockers — than the all-for-one harmonies and joy that characterized the Partridges’ earlier releases.” Howard Pattow, a member of the Partridge Family tribute band Sound Magazine, states that “the music here is groovy and funky, a definite reflection of pop music’s embrace of disco … overall, the music on Bulletin Board is quite different from previous Partridge Family efforts … [and] features musicians that had previously not appeared on a Partridge record.”

The compact disc was reissued by Collectors’ Choice Music in September 2008. Initially, the disc was available exclusively through the company’s web site. The disc contains two bonus tracks, comprising both sides of the Bones Howe-produced Shirley Jones single “Ain’t Love Easy / Roses in the Snow”, from 1972