1971 Bonnie White – Suite From The Other End

Suite From The Other End is an album (and only album) by Bonnie White, released in 1971


1  All Over Town For A Dime (Bonnie White) 2:34
2  Through The Eyes Of Wanda (Bonnie White) 2:55
3  Snake Song (Bonnie White) 2:43
4  Tuan Of The Queen Of Cairill (Bonnie White) 4:12
5  Suite From The Other End (Bonnie White) 6:08
6  Blackberries (Bonnie White) 3:52
7  Our Boy Al (Bonnie White) 2:40
8  Brother Orchid (Bonnie White) 4:07
9  All Those Gremlins (Bonnie White) 1:36
10  The Dragon’s Song (Bonnie White) 3:35
11  Drum (Bonnie White) 3:12



Bass Steve La Fever
Drums Ed Greene
Drums John Guerin
Guitar Mike Anthony
Guitar Al Hendrickson
Keyboards Mike Lang
Harp Ann Stockton
Sax Allan Beutler
Sax Bob Jung
Sax Norman Benno
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trumpet William Peterson
Trumpet Jimmy Zito
Cello Jerome Kessler
Cello Jesse Ehrlich
Violin Bobby Bruce
Violin Darrel Terwilliger
Violin George Poole
Violin John De Voogdt
Percussion Kenny Watson
Percussion Ron Kramer
Vocals Bonnie White

Liner Notes

Producer – Jim Helms
Arranged By – Jim Helms
Conductor – Jim Helms
Coordinator – Dick Broder
Engineer – Dale Batchelor

Recorded At – Sound City Studios
Recorded At – Van Nuys Studios
Distributed By – Bell Records