1985 Paul Hyde And The Payolas – Here’s The World For Ya

Here’s the World for Ya is the fourth album by Paul Hyde and the Payolas, the band previously known as Payolas. Released in 1985, the album is only available on vinyl and cassette; it has not been released on CD.

This album was the only Payolas album produced by David Foster, who had been hired to bolster the band’s commercial appeal. While promoting the record in 1985, Bob Rock claimed that “[Foster] didn’t take us anywhere we didn’t already want to go. Even if David hadn’t produced this record, I think it still would have had a more professional sheen than our other albums, because that’s what we wanted.”

Subsequent to this album’s release (and A&M’s decision to drop the band from that label), the group re-branded themselves as “Rock and Hyde”. The liner notes of Rock and Hyde’s only LP, Under the Volcano, tell a different story about the band’s opinion of Foster’s work on this album: “A very special thanks to our producer, Bruce Fairbairn who, risking sanity, did the decent thing and let us be ourselves (we can all look in the mirror in the morning now) and that’s the way it should be!”