1983 Johnny Koonce – Got My Eye On You

Got my Eye On You is an album from Johnny Koonce, released  in 1983.

Johnny Koonce is singer/songwriter/guitarist from Portland, Oregon, USA. In the late 1970’s and early eighties he was touring with his powerful live band Johnny & The Distractions.


1  Fear Is Gone (Johnny Koonce, Byrd) 4:09
2  Got My Eye On You (Hal Lindes) 3:40
3  Dancing In The Dark (Johnny Koonce, Mark Spangler, Al Kooper) 6:09
4  I’m Not Working For You (Van Morrison) 4:59
5  Don’t Make Me Wait (Johnny Koonce, Mark Spangler, Bain) 4:33
6  I’ll Take You Home (Johnny Koonce, Mark Spangler, Bain) 4:05
7  Media Sedation (Johnny Koonce, Mark Spangler, Al Kooper) 5:08
8  Out On The Avenue (Al Kooper) 4:17


Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums Vinnie Colaiuta
Drums Bruce Gary
Drums Prairie Prince
Guitar Johnny Koonce
Guitar Buzzy Feiten
Guitar Al Kooper
Guitar Fred Tackett
Guitar Hugh McCracken
Keyboards Steve Porcaro
Synthesizer Greg Smith
Sax Jerry Jumonville
Trombone Lee Thornburg
Percussion Steve Forman
Background Vocals Jim Gilstrap
Background Vocals Ron Hicklin
Background Vocals Augie Johnson
Background Vocals John Lehman
Background Vocals Gene Morford
Background Vocals Oren Waters
Vocals Johnny Koonce

Liner Notes

Producer – Al Kooper
Producer (Assistant) – Kathy Howe
Arranged by – Al Kooper
Engineer – Bob Edwards, Bob Merritt
Engineer (Assistant) – Terry Christian, Ric Butz, Pete Doell, Steve Marcantonio
Mixed by – Dave Torner

Art Direction – Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff
Design – Lynn Robb
Photography – Gary Green
Oil Painting – Christina de Lancio

Mixed at Record Plant, New York
Recorded at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA.
Recorded at Westlake Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded at Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA